How to wake up at morning when the alarm rings

how to wake up

Do you know it's one of the hardest things to wake up from bed at morning when the alarm rings? How many times you've realized you are already late for office? Yes it's not only hard, it's also makes our mind complicated, it can make your mind go twists. You'll find yourself pressing the snooze button again and again. Yeah i know how irritating is this. Well i found an interesting working method to make yourself wake up at the morning when the alarm rings. Usually we tend to give decisions to ourselves not to wake up, maybe it's warm at the bed or maybe we are just lazy. It's very important how you handle this matter. Steve Pavlina, who is writing in his blog about Personal Development tactics came up with this excellent article which can really help you to shape yourself to and manage the situation. Here is a part of the article's excerpts..

Now how do you do this?  The same way you learned any other repeatable skill.  You practice until it becomes rote.  Eventually your subconscious will take over and run the script on autopilot.

This is going to sound really stupid, but it works.  Practice getting up as soon as your alarm goes off.  That’s right — practice.  But don’t do it in the morning.  Do it during the day when you’re wide awake.

Go to your bedroom, and set the room conditions to match your desired wake-up time as best you can.  Darken the room, or practice in the evening just after sunset so it’s already dark.  If you sleep in pajamas, put on your pajamas.  If you brush your teeth before bed, then brush your teeth.  If you take off your glasses or contacts when you sleep, then take those off too……………..

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