9 Email Marketing Hacks to Maximize Conversion Rates

Even if email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing strategies, it is still one of the most effective campaigns you should implement. Email marketing has arguably the highest returns, so it is a strategy you should not take for granted.

However, the potential to grow your e-commerce business with email marketing is dependent on how effective your campaign will be. Not all email marketing campaigns are successful, so you will need to craft one that can get the attention of your audience.

To help maximize your conversion rates through email marketing, here are 9 hacks that you should definitely try:

#1. Subject Line

Your email’s subject line has a huge role in whether your email will get noticed or ignored. With this in mind, you should make sure that you have a subject that is interesting enough to grab the attention of your target audience.

Some of the tactics that you can use to make your subject line interesting are by asking a question which you would then answer in the body; and by using words that connote scarcity or immediacy such as “for a limited time only”, “limited offer”, “now”, and the like. Also, remember to make your subject line short and straightforward.

#2. Call-to-Action

Your email should not confuse your recipients as to what they’ll do after they have read your email. You should make sure that you include calls-to-action which will lead your customers to the desired action. Of course, you should not sound so pushy, so you will have to craft your calls-to-action in a strategic manner. You should consider using CTA buttons that are very visible.

Make sure that the landing page of your CTA buttons is also strategized. It should load quickly and should lead your customers to your offer.

#3. Personalize Emails

In personal marketing, it pays to personalize your strategies. It gives an appeal to your customers that you are taking the effort to know them. It also builds an emotional connection with your customers.

The same is true for other marketing techniques. So, for email marketing, it is fundamental that you not only address your customers but also to craft offers that are customized for them.

Leverage on tools that try to understand your customers’ behaviors and come up with offers that are aligned with the interest of each customer. If you do so, your email marketing campaign is more likely to be successful.

Bonus resource: Whether you’re just starting out your next big campaign, this email marketing guide from Shopify will help you to get insights that can help you grow your business.

#4. Welcome email

One of the strategies that are tied with email marketing is to send a well-crafted welcome email to customers who sign up for your business.

This is a chance to make a good impression so make sure that your welcome email can leave a nice impact. Some even go as far as coming up with welcome emails that appear to come from the business’ CEO to give the impression that a regular person is being reached out to by a company’s head honcho.

No matter what tactic you believe is best for you, make sure that your welcome email is something that can really leave a nice mark on your subscribers.

To make things a lot easier for you, welcome emails can be done in an automated manner, so you wouldn’t have to do it yourself each time. Just make sure that the welcome email itself is kept up-to-date.

#5. Mobile experience

With more and more of your customers using smartphones instead of larger devices for most of their online activities, your email marketing campaign should also be geared towards creating a great mobile experience.

To do so, ensure that your email marketing campaign is optimized for mobile devices. The following are some reminders that you should do:

  1. Your email templates should be compatible with handheld devices. The screen is smaller, so your text should be readable. You should also not squeeze everything on the screen but should scroll vertically.
  2. Your subject line should be short.  There’s limited space so make sure that it would fit there otherwise, your audience will not be able to read the full subject line.
  3. The email itself should be short. Longer emails would really appear to require a lot of scrolling and would cause a lot of your recipients to not your email in full. So, keep it brief and straightforward.
  4. Optimize your CTA buttons. Your CTA buttons will be smaller in the screens of mobile devices, but this should not stop them from being effective. Make them stand out.
  5. Your landing pages should load fast. Despite smartphones becoming more powerful, there are still devices that do not have the latest hardware so make sure not to leave them out by ensuring that from whatever device used, your landing page should load quickly and smoothly.

#6. Great copywriting

Content is really important in modern-day digital marketing and this is true even for email marketing. There is a need for great copywriting for your email to make sure that it is effective. The body is still the most important part of your email, so you should make sure that this is done right.

Some of the copywriting reminders that you should remember are the following:

  1. Organize your email well. When necessary, use bullets.
  2. Speak the language of your customers.
  3. Ensure that your email is free from grammatical flaws.
  4. Don’t forget to include links to your site and social media pages
  5. You should also make use of keywords here in case your customers will need to search through a multitude of emails.

#7. Spam filters

It would be a waste of time and effort if your email would only be considered as spam. Email services are becoming stricter because of the proliferation of cybercrime. To prevent your email from going to the spam folder is by making sure that your domain has a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) certificates. This gives you credibility, but spam filters will still try to determine the authenticity of your certificates.

#8. E-mail Retargeting

A subset of your email marketing campaign should be emailed retargeting or reaching out to customers who are about to check out but abandoned their carts. There’s a lot of factors that can lead to this, but in any case, you should do your part in reaching out to them so that you can try to close the deal.

The best way to do this, of course, is to address what caused the cart abandonment. Don’t offer a generic solution such as a discount for all. For example, if the problem is the shipping fee, try to offer free shipping for a reasonable minimum purchase. But again, the key is to understand what really caused the cart abandonment and to come up with a solution to this without causing losses to your business.

#9. Email A/B testing

The last tip is something not a lot do but you definitely should. A/B testing your email is a step that you should take in order to ensure the effectivity of your email marketing campaign. It’s always good to test your campaigns first before fully launching them. Some tools that you can use for A/B testing are Google Content Experiments and Optimizely.

Increase your Conversion Rates through Email Marketing now

The above tips can help make your email marketing more effective. Implement these techniques to make your email marketing foster better conversion rates.

Again, e-mail marketing is still one of the most effective (if not the most effective) digital marketing strategy you can do but its effectiveness relies on how well you do your email marketing. The tips above can help you do just that.

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