eCommerce Sampler Pack – Why should you get it?

Why should you get the eCommerce Sampler Pack?

If you go look for a proper eCommerce solution for your business, you will find a lot of solutions around. But, there are actually a few which are easy to implement and maintain.

Envato did a user response and research on this matter and here are the details.

The top 4 eCommerce platform voted by their community:

  1. WordPress/WooCommerce made up almost half of the votes (48.02%).
  2. OpenCart and Magento had almost equal shares in one quarter of the votes (12.78% and 12.33%).
  3. PrestaShop won 8.30% of the votes.

Community’s Favourite eCommerce Solution

Envato released a pack of Sampler (themes and templates) for all top 4 platforms you can see above.

Normally, each of the templates costs you about $55 to 70$ but  if you get this Sampler Pack, you get all 4 of them for $20!

Here is why you should get the eCommerce Pack:

  • Responsive themes/templates – already optimized for your mobile, tablets and desktop.
  • If you are going to implement or start a online shop with one of the above platforms, you are going to need at least one template/theme to start with and each one alone can cost you $50 – $70.
  • Get $240 worth of files for just $20, including monthly updates for three months. That price is unbeatable.

This pack is only available for a limited time. Offer ends 3rd December, at 12pm AEDT.

Get the eCommerce Sampler Pack Now

The eCommerce Sampler Pack

Here are the 4 templates for 4 different platforms, included in the pack.

Barberry Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Barberry Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Emphasis Multipurpose Responsive Magento Theme

Emphasis Multipurpose Responsive Magento Theme

Project Store Responsive OpenCart Theme

Sellya Responsive Prestashop Theme

Sellya Responsive Prestashop Theme

Sellya Responsive Prestashop Theme

If you are interested with more responsive WordPress themes, I did a collection of 60 responsive themes.


  • This pack is offering a monthly update of this package for three months accessible from the Downloads page. After you purchase this item, you can download the monthly update by clicking the download button.
  • Due to the exclusive nature of this package, Envato is only offering updates for the first three months, and will not be offering item support. However, many buyers often are able to troubleshoot any customization challenges by visiting item comments on the individual item pages. Envato team picked these items for their outstanding quality.

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