Convert Visitors into Buyers with User-friendly Content

Now when writing has completely exploded the internet and so the internet has exploded our lives, everything runs digitally. From buying a pair of socks to studying for final exams and undergo and generating leads for your insurance company, the world is revolutionized with technology. Things we read on the internet are not alone in this game, they are backed up with several things to turn out to be best in reality.

Uncovering the hidden story, the content you read on the internet is not just a though out on the paper, instead, it is a whole game of Google optimization and keywords to let it appear in front of you. You may have heard of user-friendly content a multiple time before but the question is, Does it worth a while?

Importance of user-friendly content and websites

As per a famous survey, eight seconds is the maximum time span a reader and a user spends on the content and website, respectively.

With such a short time in hand it is not easy to hold in one’s attention but still, you have to bite the bullet anyway!

Importance of user-friendly websites

No matter if you are running a B2B platform or a B2C platform, to the hit the nail on the head you have to provide your users with a positive experience as soon as they search for you. This implies developing a user-friendly website that the customers most like. Users are more fascinated towards websites that are easy to use and quick at browsing. There are a few elements that make your website highly user-friendly and holds the most of your audience attention.

  • Navigation
  • Readability and scalability
  • Mobile-optimization
  • Load time

These elements are to let the user go through the website effectively with no absolute delay in what he is looking for.

The importance of these elements can be interpreted from the fact that

  • With the advancements of life, the majority tends to do everything on cellphones. Among 100, 61% of users are not likely to return to websites once they gain a poor experience with slow loading and complexities. The other 40% are seen switching to competitors.
  • Delay in load time results in driving users from you to your competitors. Average load time is of about 4-6 seconds, however, a further delay in it takes away a potential customer and affects google ranking adversely.
  • Users are more likely to be attracted to websites that are attractive with respect to its matter. This takes into account, readability, scan-ability, design, and navigation.

Importance of user-friendly content

A user-friendly content is the one that is rich in keywords and specific information. Its importance can be entailed from the fact that it is what drives your content higher on Google. If you want your content to appear it to the users searching in relevant issues, you have to take steps to make it walk in that way.

A user-friendly content that is specific in dealing with the issue that a customer has is responsible to generate leads for your business. For example, you are running an online blog writing agency. Your customers have no chance of meeting you in life. All you can do is to convince them to avail your services via your words. Here a user-friendly content catering to the requirements of the user is responsible to generate leads.

How to write a user-friendly content

As Einstein quoted,

You don’t really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother

One must have a strong grip on the topic he is writing in. there are few secrets to write a highly user-friendly content. It is eminent to tailor your content according to the type of people reading it. The better your customer experience will be, the powerful your content will be.


Your content must be easy to understand for being user-friendly. With no doubts, high vocabulary makes one sound intellectual, it is best to use easy vocabulary in your content. Readers are not always from a similar background. Hence, to deal with all of them in one attempt, it is the rule of thumb to use short sentences with easy words.

Try to be specific and short with your sentences and paragraphs, respectively.

The idea is to say less but still to say more in lesser words.

For a highly user-friendly content, you must;

  • Use active voice
  • Don’t use too many jargon
  • Incorporate a story
  • Short sentences
  • Easy vocabulary
  • Prominent headers and titles
  • Skip unnecessary details and information
  • Use bullet points

Furthermore, one may seek help with tools like Hemingway help, and the Flesch reading score to improve the readability of your content. For perfect grammar and sentence structure, try using Grammarly.

There are several tools to help writers in proofreading their content and fixing the spelling and grammatical errors for best outcomes. Not only this but to ensure the user-friendliness of your content, you can work on keywords to attain fruitful results. You can make use of the keyword density checker to hit the highest peak on Google.

Skimmable content

Make your content skimmable so that readers can easily go through it without feeling pressure and dumping of information. For this;

  • Break your content in portions
  • Use headings broadcasting problem or a solution
  • Use bullet points
  • Use images
  • Highlight important points with italic and bold

You can use skitch from Evernote to modify your content in this regard.

Legible writing

Apart from being understandable and easy to navigate, if your content is complicated to be viewed, readers will not bother it more than eight seconds.

  • Use suitable typography
  • Use suitable white spacing

You can use different typography tools.

Our instructions to a user-friendly content will help to eradicate the roadblocks in the path. These are to help you develop a highly engaging content to convert visitors in your potential customers.

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