How Businesses Can Incorporate Lead Magnets in Instagram Bios

With 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is the second most used social media platform behind Facebook. TechCrunch found that 500 million Instagram users engage with the platform daily.

Consumers are on Instagram, which means businesses should be too.

With the growing number of influencers and advertisements on the platform, marketers need to stand out on Instagram to catch and retain the interest of users who are increasingly likely to scroll past sponsored content.

Instagram marketers have a small number of words to attract an audience at the top of their profile.

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram doesn’t allow users to integrate clickable links in post descriptions or comments. Users are only allowed one link in their bios.

Marketers can maximize their Instagram bio by creating a “lead magnets” — an incentive that marketers offer to potential buyers in exchange for their email address or other contact information. To do so, they should:

  1. Identify enticing content
  2. Write a short copy
  3. Relate back to the lead 

As the only place to link, bios need to be optimized by businesses to leverage their popularity on Instagram.

Identify Enticing Content 

Marketers should identify the content assets they want to entice users with and the information they want in exchange.

Content creates value for customers and businesses. When businesses provide content that answers consumers’ questions, they’re acting as an authority and influencer on the topic.

Broadly, content assets provide additional value to an audience. Examples include white papers, data studies, and how-to guides. While Instagram posts are generally short, marketers can still leverage content assets on the platform.

Content assets should be evergreen information, meaning the information does not depreciate over time. Marketers can continue to promote these assets without risking the business’s credibility.

To drive leads, lead magnets or a call to action should accompany content asset posts.

The same principles apply to an Instagram bio. As the introduction to a business’ profile, marketers should ensure the Instagram bio features evergreen content and a call to action that incentivizes clicks.

Each aspect of the lead-magnets should be based on the platform from where it draws users.

For example, Foundr Magazine links to a landing page specifically for Instagram traffic.

By optimizing the bio, marketers can generate a greater number of leads.

Marketers should focus on crafting a bio that entices consumers with relevant content and targeted links to create a lead magnet that encourages conversions.

Write Short Copy

Marketers should invest in the creative copy to support their lead magnet.

Instagram does not allow users to integrate clickable links into their posts. Marketers need to create content that drives users the bio, which should host a link that leads to a landing page. It’s important to maximize any area provided for links.

Marketers need to make their words count. Instagram limits its captions to 2,200 characters. However, the first three to four lines of text are cut-off critical to optimize the first three to four lines of text as anything beyond that is cut off, requiring users to click “more” to continue reading.

It is important to keep content short. For longer posts, marketers should front-load posts with important text to encourage engagement.

To optimize support for the lead magnet, posts should feature a call to action above the fold. This encourages users to click-through to a landing page.

Quality content ensures users maintain engaged with a profile but the bio draws them in.

Marketers should also concentrate on writing an engaging Instagram bio to hook users before they start scrolling your feed, increasing the chances of clicking-through to a lead capturing landing page.

Marketers should create content that directs people to the lead generating link.

Relate Back to the Lead Magnet in Stories, Posts, and Highlights

Marketers should implement a call to action in content to encourage user engagement with the lead magnet.

Primarily a photo-sharing platform, Instagram also features stories, live videos, and Instagram TV that marketers can leverage to capture users’ attention.

Videos are especially valuable to marketers – they receive 38% more engagement than other forms of content, according to Mention.

Instagram stories are ten-second videos marketers can leverage to tell users about their lead magnet and direct them to the link. Stories feature at the top of a feed, generating many views. Marketers can upload photos, videos, and links. Content disappears from the story after 24-hours. Marketers can leverage this constraint to post timely content, creating greater interest as the lead magnet is time-sensitive.

When working with a verified Instagram account, marketers can leverage the swipe up feature in stories to send followers to a landing page directly. 

Marketers can link creatively, adapting the magnet to fit a website’s lead capturing tactic.

For example, the link can transfer users to an article or information page. If a site uses pop-ups to capture information, this redirection provides the opportunity to capture a lead while maintaining a user’s attention.

Marketers should create content that drives users to the link in their bio to maximize its value.

Adapt to Instagram for the Best Chances at Earning Leads

Instagram offers an opportunity for businesses to reach millions of consumers. With an effective strategy, the platform becomes a lead magnet.

As an introduction to the brand, an Instagram bio is crucial to generating leads. An effective bio not only includes a brand’s personality but also a call to action and a link to a platform-specific landing page.

Instagram limits clickable links to the bio. Creating a lead magnet requires marketers to draw users to the link with engaging content. While 2,200 characters are available to use in captions, only a portion is visible to scrolling users. Calls to action and crucial text should be placed first to remain visible.

The variety of forms content can take on Instagram provides marketers with different tools to engage users. Whether a video, story, or photo, marketers should leverage content to direct users back to the lead magnet.

By curating content and strategy to the platform, marketers can turn their Instagram accounts into lead magnets.

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