Business Partner Gift Ideas to Impress Clients

Business Partner Gift Ideas to Impress Clients

Impressing your client can be challenging. That is especially true when it comes to holiday gifts. In the sea of those corporate treats that everyone gets around the holidays, yours can easily get lost and stay in a pile of other baskets, cellophane, and boxes. To avoid being neglected, you can make your present arrive earlier than others. However, that won’t be enough. To make your gift unique, you should also put a lot of thought into the entire idea. Fresh out of those? No problem. We’ve got a few suggestions that will help you impress your business partners.

Gourmet food basket

Is your business partner in the food business? Maybe they’re just avid gastronomes and enjoy preparing delectable means. Either way, a gourmet food basket would be an amazing gift for them. Even if they’re not dabbling in the kitchen, offering them a nicely assembled gourmet food basket may entice them to try out various recipes and discover a new skill that they can later turn into a hobby. Throw inside the newest edition of the best-selling cookbook, pair it with a few non-perishable ingredients, and voila, a star is born. No idea what food to pick? No problem. You can always look up pre-made gift baskets. Just be sure you double-check the contents. Also, don’t forget to ask about the client’s food allergies to ensure you send all the right food options.

Personalized reusable water bottle

We couldn’t emphasize the importance of hydration enough. With all the daily duties we lose track of our needs easily. Only when we feel parched will we reach out for a glass of water. That’s when we’re already too late, as our body is signaling that it’s dehydrated. Therefore, to prevent your skin from looking dull, your body from feeling thirsty, and to remain all day well-being, think about reusable water bottles. Get them for yourself, and send them out to your clients as a gift. If you could personalize them with initials, inspirational quotes, or a company logo, that would be even better.


New wallet

From money to important business cards, and credit cards, having a practical and modern wallet is a necessity. That can be another great idea for a client gift that they’ll love and, more importantly, actually use for ages. Investing in a modern card holder wallet is always a smart move because it’s practical, useful, and very much needed in everyday life. Think about the perfect color and finish that would go well with your client’s style.

Gift baskets

Gift baskets are a universal gift that will come in handy every time. Is your client into beauty and care? Put together a gift basket filled with everything from body treats, such as body butter, lotions, and shower gels to face masks, mani-pedi sets, bath salts, loofas, and face masks. Maybe your client is a man who pays a lot of attention to his beard. In that case, put together a gift basket with a high-end beard grooming kit, add a few cigars, and a bottle of nice strong spirit to really leave a good impression. Moreover, if he is a cigar lover you can have a good impression giving him a bucket of the best cigars which will include Cohiba Piramides Extra, montecristo number 2 and Partagas Shorts.

Custom golf balls

Many businesses have seen the light of day precisely to the golf course. From negotiations to sealing the deal, businessmen often take their work precisely to the golf course and make a full event out of a simple business meeting. If your client is into golf, then there’s no point in choosing anything else than customized golf balls. It will be perfect memorabilia that will show your business partner you really pay attention to details and care about gifts. You wouldn’t get a present like that randomly, which will be a clear sign that you care about your client’s needs, and want them to respect you.

Zen garden

Sometimes sitting in quiet with our thoughts, letting our mind wander is all we need. We’re sure that’s one of the times your business partners appreciate the most too, from time to time. In moments like those, having a relaxing activity, such as a Zen garden, can allow you to completely unwind. Gift them a creative present like that, and allow for your clients to immerse themselves into the soothing senses of a tiny rake grazing through the sand. Your client will be forever grateful for that every time they need to destress.

Tickets to events

You can never go wrong with concert tickets. If you know what’s your client’s favorite band, get them the tickets for their next show in town. Opera is a good choice too if they enjoy it. Basketball, football, baseball, or any other sport even is a go-to option as well. If you can go with them, that can be a nice opportunity for you to bond and get to know each other a bit better. If not, don’t be too disappointed. Your intention should be to make them happy, and not the other way around.


Gift vouchers

Whether you can’t make up your mind on the present, or your client is one of those people who literally has everything, gift vouchers will save the day. Everybody needs a spa treatment from time to time, so why not offer them a voucher for a spa day? Or even better, an entire weekend getaway? That will definitely sweep them off their feet. A gift voucher for their favorite perfume shop, or maybe a beauty store. Clothing store vouchers or the ones for ever-needed gadgets can be a good idea too. Take your pick and make this year’s present the best one yet.

When you need to make a good impression on your client, you need to shower them with showstopping presents. Everybody will be grateful for a token of appreciation, so make sure it’s the one that counts. When you’re not sure what to get for your valued clients, feel free to go back to our list of gifts and choose any of the options from the list. Regardless of the present that you pick out, we guarantee your business partners will be in awe. On top of that, you’ll ensure that they stick with you for at least another season and look forward to the next fascinating gift.