Learn a Better Way to Organize Your HR Documents

Human resources are one of the most important job functions in an organization because the employees working in this department are responsible for preparing and updating employee records that are related to the hiring process. Human resource has the job of promoting the company value by hiring the right people and terminating them when they do not bring any value to the company or organization. Human resources also have the responsibility of explaining the companies policies, procedures, laws and standards to new and existing employees to ensure that they understand and follow the company’s policies and regulations. These jobs function required human resources to process paperwork every day and paperwork is very hard to organize if the human resource department does not have a plan.

Human resource is a job that no matter what business niche you are in is needed. A solid HR department can have a drastic effect on company culture. Any HR department regardless of the business has to deal with hundreds upon hundreds of documents and a disorganized HR department may risk a disorganized company.

Making sure that your HR department is organized is crucial to your company’s culture and attitude. Thanks to the increase in technology in the 21st century getting and staying organized have never been easier. New technologies have been created that can help store and manage any HR documents. 

Best Practice for Organizing the HR Documents

Managing HR documents can be a challenge for many companies today because according to the article titled “Best practices for HR document management” the process of managing HR documents is rapidly changing and “new technology and regulations often requires wholesale overhauls of these efforts, so it’s wise for those within the sector to do as much as they can to brush up on industry-recommended best practice for document management”. (May, 7th, 2018) When organizing HR documents, it is important to consider who can have access to certain documents and files.

It is also a good practice to set up a workflow using an automation process that can transfer data where it needs to go, and on-demand, while ensuring efficient operating because this can make it much easier for the HR department and reduce the workload for the people working in the HR department.

As you organize your companies documents make sure they are organized in a way that makes sense for your business. For example, if you have a high turnover rate with employees (you are constantly hiring and parting ways with employees) perhaps create a temporary file for new hires and with time move them into the permanent file. These small organizational actions will give your company an increase in both organization and culture. Your employees will feel that the workplace is professional and they will act accordingly.

Digital Format

Another thing to consider for managing HR documents is to have a plan within the department on how documents and files should be stored for example many companies organize their documents by scanning and storing them in digital form instead of keeping the physical copy of the document, this way it is much easier to manage and take up less space in the office.

While physical document can be convenient because they can be put inside a drawer they are not as great as a digital form because documents in digital form can be stored in one place such as a computer work station or on a server where they can be shared and access by members of the group.

Documents in digital form can also be encrypted and store safely in the cloud so the person who needs to access it is working from home, they can still access the document and continue their work without interruption. With today’s technology and software, there are many ways to help better organize HR documents.

One of the software that is recommended by most organizations to organize and store HR documents is called Zenefits which is an all-in-one HR software that allows HR to manage documents, store, and share throughout the organization. The Zenefits also allows a document to be accessible through a mobile application for people who are not in front of their computer.


HR should always have a plan in place and try to automate as much process as possible for handling documents and they should always try to have the documents in digital format because it allows them to save space while giving easy access to everyone within the department.

Digital documents can also be encrypted and stored in a safe place so if the employees are worried about theft, they can encrypt the documents and only unencrypt the documents when it is needed by the authorized person. There are many software out their sold by many different vendors to help organize documents and store them in the cloud and have those documents available for even people who work remotely or people who are not in front of their computer and need access to a document to find the information, they can also access them on their smartphone or tablet.

Being organized is key. An organized HR department leads to an organized company and an organized company leads to organized employees. Take advantage of the new technologies made specifically for your business regardless of what kind of business it is. As we all know it is the little things in business that go a long way.

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