Best Business Management Software that Boost Growth

We live in a tech-driven world – a world where digital solutions have made it possible for new and established businesses to support, improve, and automate numerous key and mental processes with the help of innovative software. The software that aims to simplify these processes and make the lives of your employees easier ranges from smart and interactive, to complete autonomous AI integration and machine learning.

What’s more, nowadays you can find software solutions for every type of business and every industry. This allows business leaders to stay competitive by improving workflow and efficiency, effectively managing finances, and most importantly, manage their physical assets seamlessly and regardless of their location. Let’s take a look at some of the most reliable and cost-effective business management software that will not only help you grow your company but also scale with it and ensure continuous support.

It all starts with Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is one of that tried-and-tested software packages that no business can do without. It’s been around for decades, it’s practical and easy to use, and it does the job well for the most part. What many people don’t realize is that individual Office programs are highly versatile software with many in-depth functions. A clear example of this is Excel, which has been used for decades as one of the best accounting tools that just looks like a spreadsheet on the surface.

In reality, accountants and project leaders use it for data and resource tracking and management, performing complex calculations and creating financial forecasts, and much more. On the other hand, programs such as Microsoft Word might be simpler in nature but they are equally important. Word is your essential information-sharing tool used by every department in a company. While there are more sophisticated solutions out there nowadays, the Word document is still the primary canvas on which creative content, executive summaries, and whole business plans are written.

Microsoft PowerPoint and Project are also excellent software that enables specialized staff to craft in-depth documents. For example, Microsoft Project is one of the best tools for project creation, management, and monitoring, while PowerPoint is still the preferred choice of marketers and managers looking to deliver a comprehensive presentation about a project or an idea.

Manage all reporting with QuickBooks Pro

As the name might imply, QuickBooks Pro is a tool that aims to satisfy all of your reporting needs, regardless of the size of the company or the industry you’re operating in. The latest version from 2019 offers a myriad of data management and reporting tools, building upon the success of its predecessors and adding value with each new feature.

In recent years, QuickBooks has expanded its functionality to accommodate the needs of start-ups and small businesses in general with specialized reporting templates and cash flow management tools that make meticulous financial management a breeze for companies that are just starting out. With hundreds of templates for every report imaginable at your disposal, you and your employees can easily manage your departments, as well as combine and share your reports in order to exchange insights and fuel the growth process holistically. No more mismatched information or contradicting conclusions, just pure efficiency all around.

Property management made easy with Rockend

The real estate industry has been booming around the world in the wake of mass urbanization and the never-ending need for new commercial and residential properties. While the property management game is becoming more lucrative for solopreneurs and real estate agencies, this also means that the market is becoming crowded with competitors as a result.

This unyielding trend begs the need for property agencies to take their processes into the digital age with the help of Rockend property management software that specializes in all things real estate. Available from every platform and easy to use, this type of specialized software aims to help investors, agencies, and managers to expedite, automate, and streamline every process from accounting and invoicing, to data storage and management, all the way to automated communication.

As with other comprehensive business solutions, this one offers property managers and agencies the tools they need to run a solvent business on all fronts, and more importantly, expand their operations.

Streamline marketing workflow with Infusionsoft Complete

Marketing is one of the most important departments in any company, and it’s certainly the driving force behind the success of modern businesses. After all, without effective marketing, what else is there to set you apart from the competition and grab the attention of your target audience? In order to make all of your marketing aspirations manageable and realistic, Infusionsoft Complete uses proprietary analytics, sales, workflow, and payment systems all neatly packed into one comprehensive marketing toolbox.

This is one of those programs that allow business owners to store contacts and leads in a single place and manage each and everyone in an interactive and engaging way. Monitor the latest marketing stats on your email or leads, sales, and prospects, and add comments on the go. This is an excellent way to craft complete customer avatars as well as client briefs that are available to all of your employees.

The practical applications of marketing software are far-reaching, to say the least, as it allows your employees to always be in the know, exchange ideas and concepts, and emphasize cross-department collaboration that’s imperative for a successful marketing campaign. The software does have a learning curve to it, though, so be ready.

Finance management for SMBs with Wave Accounting

The majority of business management software will cost you a one-time purchase fee at least, while others will have a recurring payment system that will directly debit your card on a monthly or annual basis. Then again, there are those few that are completely free of charge, such as Wave Accounting. As the name implies, this is a comprehensive accounting dashboard geared towards small businesses with no more than 10 employees.

Even though its capacity is small, the functions and features it brings to the table are that of a full-service accounting dashboard that has everything you might need to run a solvent operation. You can even customize the appearance to best suit your needs, while its main functions include synching your profile with your bank and credit card provider, creating balance sheets, managing cash flow and revenue, and managing tax reports. You can also choose to upgrade to a pro version to enable credit card payment processing – a minor expense for supporting the developers of a truly handy application.

Manage accounts and finances on the go with Fresh Books

As a 21st-century business leader, your job might not be to sit at a desk all day long and oversee your employees. You might be running from meeting to meeting all around town, talking to potential clients, nurturing relationships with existing ones, and seeking out opportunities with investors and strategic partners. If that is the case, then you need team management and accounting app that lets you manage these crucial aspects of your business on the fly.

Fresh Books integrates easily with Android and iOS, making it an excellent choice for out-of-the-office managers who still need to track project and employee hours, send out invoices and manage accounts payable, as well as monitor cash flow as a whole. With the added benefit of stellar customer support and scalable price plans to suit every type of business, you can easily run your entire financial operation from your smartphone.

In conclusion

Technology has weaved itself into the very fabric of the modern business world, opening a whole new world of opportunities for growth-oriented companies. With all these essential software as the foundation of your company, there is nothing stopping you from future-proofing your business for years to come.

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