How UX and CRO Work Together to Increase Conversions

How UX and CRO Work Together to Increase Conversions

User experience (UX) isn’t something that only concerns marketers and web designers. As attention spans grow shorter, and customers demand quicker solutions to their problems, UX is becoming increasingly relevant to all internet users.

When you think of improving UX, you may think of the technical changes that you must make to your company’s website. These alterations are undoubtedly vital if you want visitors to stick around and take action.

However, improving UX doesn’t stop there. You must also consider how to improve the comprehensive user journey. The pathway is what compels them to take action. 

Sometimes, entrepreneurs may view UX and CRO (conversion rate optimization) as conflicting forces. UX improves the design and usability of your site. On the other hand, CRO gets as many visitors as possible to convert to customers. For an optimal user’s journey, you must find a happy medium between these two concepts.

Here, we’ll explore how UX and CRO work together to increase your conversions. 

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5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Launching An App Idea

Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Launching An App Idea

There is a slew of statistics on the internet to support a business’s decision to go mobile. Take, for example, these in consideration:

  • Worldwide, mobile users are expected to grow to 7.26 billion by 2022.
  • App downloads in 2019 were 17% higher than that in 2018.
  • By 2020, the mobile app consumer expenditure could cross 67.3 billion USD.
5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Launching An App Idea

Especially now, during the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent global isolation phase, the world is recording an unprecedented rise in web and mobile traffic. Under these circumstances, creating responsive user experiences through mobile applications can be profitable for almost all types of companies. 

But, although the mobile industry is continuously rising, every app doesn’t bring favorable outcomes. Together, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Windows app stores have over 5.5 million applications. And yet, only a portion of them have crossed the 1M installation mark. Nearly one-third of applications get uninstalled within a month; over 80% of them are abandoned within three months. 

Understandably, having an idea, and launching an app isn’t enough. Therefore, you must avoid these five critical mistakes when you set out to launch a mobile app for your business. 

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Avoid These Mistakes While Launching a Website

Avoid These Mistakes While Launching a Website

Today, most consumers look online for information that helps make smarter buying choices and decisions. According to the eCommerce Foundation, 88 percent of consumers do research on products before they purchase either on the internet or in a brick-and-mortar store. The trend in buying behavior puts emphasis on the relevance of having a website for businesses these days. eCommerce website development has become a top priority for business organizations in the world.

For an organization to make it in the tough competition of the modern marketplace, a professional website is a must. Websites have become backbones of business organizations, which support all digital marketing efforts. There are numerous platforms for building websites and also service providers like Etatvasoft that develop streamlined and effective solutions.

With the relevance and huge importance of having a website and although a lot of organizations now have grasped the fundamental relevance of investing in a great website still, there are mistakes that could hinder success and performance. These mistakes should be determined to avoid before launching a website.

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Can a VPN Increase Internet Speed?

Can a VPN Increase Internet Speed

Every single internet user has become accustomed to a certain quality of service from their ISP, but the need for additional precautions has brought on the increasing use of VPNs on a global scale. The acronym has become synonymous with internet anonymity and privacy, enabling you to bypass typical routes online and preserve your IP address from prying eyes, safe-keep your private information, browsing history, as well as specific kinds of activity online.

Naturally, since this implies the use of a virtual go-between, one would assume that the time you’d need to reach your online destination would increase. In reality, that doesn’t have to be the case, as a solid, secure VPN comes with a few specific perks that might also enhance your internet speed. Alternatively, a poor choice of your intermediary might lead to slow connectivity and other issues, ranging from compromised security to legal risks depending on your location. 

When you’ve done your homework and you know exactly how to use the right VPN, you might have the necessary edge that will also help you improve the speed of your internet connection. Here are a few factors to consider in this process that will help you make the most sensible choice for you and your internet usage needs.

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