June 17, 2008

PHP Sendmail Setup with SMTP IIS and Windows Servers

Did you had problems setting up PHP on a Windows server which is running IIS and also running a SMTP server inside IIS? Have you faced problems sending mail from PHP scripts running on IIS server with IIS SMTP engine? By default IIS doesn’t allow relaying SMTP mails if it comes from 3rd party products. So this problem is related to IIS SMTP “Relay Restrictions”.

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May 26, 2008

Digsby – Socialized Instant Messenger and Notifier

There are a lot of multi protocol messengers around such as Pidgin, Miranda and Trillian. Yet this new piece of work beats almost every other messenger on the scene. Digsby is not only a multi messenger client, it also integrates various social networking services and e-mail notification protocols. Yes it’s finally possible to have your facebook, notifications, myspace notifications, gmail alerts, hotmail notifications and yahoo mail notifications. For E-mail notifications it can archive, make a email read and delete without leaving the messenger. Facebook chat is available and also it’s easy to post updates to your twitter account. It comes with a variety of options and skinned interfaces.

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May 2, 2008

Malaysian Broadband – Dissatisfaction Guaranteed

Well I’ve been at Malaysia for a long time already and I went through many kind of Internet Service Providers along the way. Previously there were only few broadband service providers, now there are a number of broadband service providers and they all have glitters and amaze you with their glittery advertises and banners. They are really efficient to take the advantage of the users lack of knowledge in Internet services. So I’ve decided to write this down.

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April 14, 2008

Speed up your System – IObit SmartDefrag 5.00 Beta

It’s hard to find a really working solution for hard disk fragmentation issue and needless to say day by day the hard disk sizes are growing along with more and more files. Recently I’ve found IObit SmartDefrag which is fast enough to defrag your huge hard disk in no time. It has a feature of set and forget it configuration which is really convenient for both office and home users. It has most of the features you can find in any commercial software.

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