8 Soft Skills Needed for Becoming a Web Developer

Soft Skills Needed for Becoming a Web Developer

Having the right set of soft web developer skills is important to be successful in this profession. Soft skills are a combination of your inherent social cues, communication abilities, personality traits and personal attributes that allow you to navigate your work environment, work well with other people and achieve your goals with complementing hard skills. With that said, here are eight skills needed for a web developer to help you become successful in your career.

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Secrets Behind The Increasing Demand for Mobile Apps

Secrets Behind The Increasing Demand for Mobile Apps

Mobile apps as a solution not only provides accessibility also helps to change the life of people in a positive way. The mobile apps have got solutions for almost all problems in life to be it health-related, education-related, shopping-related or food-related. Because of the presence in a vast range of categories and different aspects of life, the increasing numbers of people are preferring apps over websites.

The massive increase in the demand for mobile apps can be ascertained by the fact that the number of mobile app downloads is expected to go up to 352.9 billion in the year 2021 from 204 billion in 2019. As per the recent study, people are spending 9% more time in the app with comparison to the website. Not only the number of downloads, but the revenue generated from mobile apps also has increased from 218.2 billion USD in the year 2016 to 461.7 billion USD in the year 2019.

Because of this huge demand, more and more companies are venturing into mobile app development irrespective of their size. Mobile app development services also help to make the market more open and the customer gets a chance to browse through different apps before selecting any products and services. Because of this added transparency, people are spending 2.3 hours on a daily basis on different mobile apps.

Mobile apps not only provide the customer with options for essential services, but it also helps people in different aspects of life be it diet, education or entertainment. For every age group, the mobile app has got a unique solution. Because of this mass, a mobile app development business is expected to grow at a rapid pace. The boom in the mobile app industry also leads to an increase in the demand for best mobile app developers.

The above-mentioned figures are a testimonial of the fact that mobile app development services are growing exorbitantly and all set to overtake websites in terms of accessibility. There are several factors that led to this massive growth in the mobile app development services industry.

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How to Hire Great iOS Game Developers for Creating Exciting Games

How to Hire Great iOS Game Developers for Creating Exciting Games

Today’s world is more technologically advanced in many aspects, and the one that comes first is mobile phones-a basic need of an individual. With the involving mobile trends, things abruptly changed, and we are now more prone to using mobile phones from chatting to playing games.

Technology, mobile app, and mobile game developers are the minds behind making mobile phones a one-stop-shop for an individual. That is the reason why top India mobile game developers are trying to bring new concepts and are trying their hands on new games to bring exceptional gaming experience. 

Mobile gaming is already on top as it accounts for 51% of the global revenue at the start of 2020, and it has a lot more to go in the coming years. However, technologies like AR, VR, Artificial Intelligence, and Animation have made quite easier to provide the customers with interactive user experience. 

The best iOS game developers are captivating audiences with much more beyond they expected a game to be. The majority of game publishers recognized the mobile gaming trends and up into hiring top mobile game companies 2020to make their gaming idea a reality.

However, finding the right iOS game developer is daunting as you will probably meet many good game development companies. Before making any further decision, it is critical to analyze different factors in order to cherry-pick the best team of developers. But why? Success does not only depend upon gaming ideas but also depends upon mobile app developers’ expertise and innovation. 

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Building a Popular Mobile Wallet App – 12 Essential Features

Building a Popular Mobile Wallet App Essential Features

Today, people would like to stop reaching for their physical wallets every time they need to make a transaction.  It only seems convenient to use a mobile payment app when you’re transacting, instead of reaching for your card or cash all the time. Given that we spend so much time on our smartphones, a peer to peer payment app may be the best way to send or receive money going forward. 

Well, it’s not only individuals. Banks, financial companies, telcos, and e-commerce businesses can’t ignore the mobile financial services onslaught any longer, especially mobile wallets. The need of the hour is tor a mobile wallet app that ensures not only high security but also great customer experience. People love a fuss-free and quick transaction. When it comes to wallet app development here are the essential features to keep in mind while building a popular mobile wallet app. 

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