Windows Server 2008 Features at a Glance

Server Last 2 days I've been to Info Trek for a Microsoft Touchdown of Windows Server 2008. There are quite a number of new features included in Windows Server 2008, namely the IIS 7.0, .Net framework 3.5, WMI Management, Transactional File Systems and so on. Windows 2008 Server looks like Windows Vista interface with a classic look for a better performance. Windows 2008 Server will be released in Public possibly March 2008.  Here is a feature Glance of Windows 2008 Server.

Features Included:

  1. Windows 2008 supports transactional NTFS file systems so it is possible to tie up Transactional file commands. For instance in a transactional file system environment you can copy a group of file in a transaction mode so either all of the file will be copied to the destination or none of them will be copied. This kind of features you might have seen in SQL Server platforms.
  2. IIS 7.0 has been redesigned with new administration interface, Users of Vista might have seen it already. Now IIS 7 is module based so not necessary modules can be turned off to enhance performance and new modules can be added  to extend the features.
  3. Self-Repairable NTFS file system, it ensures while the server is running another service can check for disk problems and fix it automatically without interrupting the server operations.
  4. Multiple parallel sessions, Microsoft's SysInternals software engineer Mark Russinovich says the new session model in both Vista and Windows Server 2008 can initiate at least four sessions in parallel, or even more if a server has more than four processors. "If you've got a Vista machine where this architecture change actually was introduced, and you've got multiple Media Center extenders, those media center extenders are going to be able to connect up to the Media Center in parallel," he added. "So if you have a media center at home, and you send all their kids to their rooms and they all turn on their media extenders at the same time, they're going to be streaming media faster from their Vista machines then if you had Media Center on a XP machine."
  5. Clean Service Shutdowns, usually in windows servers or window workstations, while shutting down the system it uses a typical 20 second timer that will give 20 second time to all the services to shutdown. In these scenario, some services will exit with error because that service was working with the disk which requires a longer time to finish the work. Now in Windows 2008 Server, that 20-second countdown has been replaced with a service that will keep applications given the signal all the time they need to shut down, as long as they continually signal back that they're indeed shutting down.
  6. Kernel Transaction Manager, This is a feature which developers can take advantage of, which could greatly reduce and might eliminate, one of the most frequent causes of System Registry and file system corruption: multiple threads seeking access to the same resource.
  7. Address Space Load Randomization (ASLR) Perhaps one of the most controversial added features already, especially since its debut in Vista, ASLR makes certain that no two subsequent instances of an operating system load the same system drivers in the same place in memory each time
  8. Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA). Microsoft has actually standardized the error – more accurately, the protocol by which applications report to the system what errors they have uncovered.
  9. Windows Server Virtualization, Viridian project will still provide enterprises with the single most effective tool to date for reducing total cost of ownership…to emerge from Microsoft. Many will argue virtualization is still an open market, thanks to VMware; and for perhaps the next few years, VMware may continue to be the feature leader in this market.
  10. PowerShell. Now we know it's a part of the shipping operating system: the radically new command line tool that can either supplement or completely replace GUI-based administration.
  11. Server Core. Now they have a server option similar to unix linux command line based servers. So that all the graphical stuff is not there, media player and so on applications will not be present and it will be extremely faster in operation cause 45% of the memory load is free from GUI resources.
  12. Windows Events has been upgraded to version 6.0 with a lot of features for the developers to track their errors on windows applications.
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