Using Windows XP and Vista in a Same Computer


The new Microsoft Operating system Vista. Yes its inevitable not to test it on your own computer. But there are quite a number of considerations like Application Compatibly issues and Hardware not supporting vista. Well of course you want to try it out just for your curiosity’s sake. But how to Test it with out effecting your current installation of Windows XP on your system. Here are some simple steps (Assuming you have already installed Windows XP on your Primary Partitions C drive).

  1. Before doing anything, use a software Like Norton Ghost (Commercial) or Acronis True Image (Commercial) to make a image of your primary partition where your current installation of Windows XP Resides. On the Other hand you can use some freeware tools like PING (PartImage is not Ghost), DriveImage XML, both of these free tools also allow you to backup your selected partition into a file.
  2. Download Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor tool, it will help you to identify possible problems with your software and hardware, also you will able to see which Edition of Windows Vista is suitable for you and your system.
  3. Arrange and Create a completely separate partition on your hard disk, at least allocate 20GB of space on the new partition. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Primary or Logical partition. Format that partition before continue with the setup.
  4. Get your bootable Windows Vista DVD, oh yes you’ll at least need a DVD drive to continue with the installation. I’ve tested the CD-ROM Editions of Vista and the result is not satisfying at all.
  5. Insert the Bootable DVD into your DVD-ROM and restart your computer, check your BIOS settings whether CD/DVD rom boot sequence is enabled or not. Once Vista setup load the files It will ask you whether you want to do a Upgrade or Customize the setup by your needs. Select Customized installation option. After this step vista setup will ask you to select a partition. Select the newly created empty partition and continue with the setup process. It might restart few times to finalize the setup of windows vista. You should be able to select your operating system when your system boots. One entry will title “Earlier version of Windows” and another Entitled “Microsoft Windows Vista”. Select the operating system you want to load and hit “Enter”
  6. Don’t get confused when Vista starts cause whichever partition you’ve selected will become Drive C for windows vista. It’s ok it didn’t overwrite your original C drive. When vista starts it makes the vista partition as Drive C.

Hope this article will help someone. Here are more information on how many windows operating systems can be installed and how to do it (Microsoft)

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