Is Your Website In a Pro-Selling Mode? 7 Ways To Optimize It

Is Your Website In a Pro-Selling Mode? 7 Ways To Optimize It

A basic condition for a site’s success is to be a good seller. Of course, by this I don’t mean selling the website itself, even though Internet is full of multi-figure site transactions. Take for example the recent Instagram takeover by Facebook for around $ 1 billion, or Interclick bought by Yahoo for $ 270 million. But to close the brackets, what do these sites have in common? It’s their aptitude to attract eyeballs to their online showcase by being sales-oriented.

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There are types of websites that do sell on an explicit basis: online merchants, web services and apps, blogs which sell advertising space, NPOs collecting donations. However, generally speaking, all websites (even non-commercial ones) have to convert visitors into some form of leads: subscribers, Facebook fans, prospects for direct purchase. These conversions mean sales at some point.

If you are the proud owner of an online asset, read on to see how you can optimize it for instant sales.

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