App Store Wars: Who Controls the Market? [Infographic]

In recent years, smartphones have exploded in growth, with adoption coming from nearly all members of society.  In fact, the smartphone has basically become one of the most useful daily essentials.  But with this love of smartphones coming from all over, fanatics have developed, and ties have been made. This has resulted in heated debates, arguments, drama, and passion (people take their phones very seriously!) for which company makes the best smartphone, and which operating system is the most user-friendly. But do they always have the information to back it up?

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10+ Apps to boost up your brand new Android Phone

UsefulAndroidApps 10 Apps to boost up your brand new Android Phone

If you haven’t noticed, I have actually done a big review of HTC Desire (Android 2.1 OS). So that lead me to understand some Android applications as well. One of the benefit of having HTC Desire is, there are some preloaded Android apps so that you don’t have to download them separately. So I’m going to introduce you with some smart and efficient applications which will boost the productivity of your new Android Phone. Having said that, all of the applications I’m going to mention are tested on Android 2.1 OS. Almost all of these applications are free unless stated otherwise.

How to download these applications? Just find the “Market” icon on your phone and search for the application name. Now to make the most convenient way of installing these applications you should install “Barcode Scanner (open this link from your phone browser)” from the Android “Market” first (See below).

install barcode scanner

There are 2 ways to install the applications from this page.

  1. Follow the link under each product using your Android Phone browser (Data charges may apply)
  2. Scan the QrCode from your laptop or desktop screen using “Barcode Scanner

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Let’s get down to the list shall we..

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