4 Ways IoT Technology is Changing Businesses

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is here to stay and quickly becoming a new standard in home appliances and gadgets. Whether it’s smart thermostats, lighting, speakers, AI assistants, security cameras, or smart electrical outlets, the penetration of IoT devices into the home continues to accelerate as more and more innovative products come to market. Many of these new gadgets are also directly applicable to businesses and are being marketed to the needs of business owners, large and small.

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Here Come The New Ideas For Digital Customer Experience Experts

Here come the new ideas for Digital customer experience Experts

The basic meaning of Customer experience refers to communication between a client and a company while their business is still active. We could say that the importance of Customer experience is on a rising path, maybe even on the top. It is well known that good Customer experience can create a base of loyal customers by providing good assistance. The competition is harsh and there are many candidates for the crown. In order to stay on the top, companies try to follow the trends and always be coordinated with the latest events. Therefore, here are some upcoming trends for this season.

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Be Like the Jetsons: Smart Home Automation for 2017

Smart Home Automation for 2017

When you think of the ultimate modern home, you might think about “The Jetsons” cartoon, in which short work weeks, human cloning and being transported in vacuum-like tubes were the norm. While there might not be flying cars or on-demand food dispensers in 2017, homes are getting smarter, fast. If you are anxious to be like George Jetson and have your home do more for you, check out some of what’s new in 2017. You might be surprised by what is already automated.

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