Top 6 Gaming Gadgets

Top Gaming Gadgets

Possibly more so than any other medium, computer games have improved exponentially over time. It seems like only yesterday that Pong was the pinnacle of gaming achievement – moving a white line up and down the screen to the sound of bleeps and bloops – realism was not the name of the game (we’ve been through this – Pong was the name of the game). Today though games are almost photo-realistic, worlds are incredibly detailed down to such aspects as the pictures on the walls in the houses, and the plants in the gardens. But while the programming and the design have certainly come on in leaps and bounds, it’s actually the hardware that’s made this possible. And while the processing power has increased more and more with each new ‘generation’, it’s also become more interesting and more innovative at the same time – to the point where some of the consoles are no longer just machines with controllers, but amazing gadgets that you can interact within completely new ways. Here we will look at some of the most incredible gaming gadgets and gizmos that have changed the face of gaming, or at least given us something new and exciting to try.

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4 Video Games That Shouldn't Have Been Cancelled

Video Games That Shouldn't Have Been Cancelled

Game cancellations are to games fans what the destruction of Alderaan is to a Jedi. But despite the great disturbance in the force that results, and the millions of screaming voices that echo throughout the forums in the wake of a cancellation, games are usually axed for very good reasons. Not every great idea makes a great game, and the money that it takes to develop and publish a game isn’t always worth it. However, there are some games that, regardless of their resulting quality, would have done the world a favour by being released.

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6 Innovative Games with the Power to Transform your Life


Aline HanleEditor’s Note: This article is written by Aline Hanle. Aline is a “Quantum Catalyst”. She has the ability to feel and define the obstacles that lie within her client preventing him/her to experience his/her greatness. Her Energy-Empath gift is one part of her uniqueness along with her highly positive attitude about life and her rare respect for humankind. You can find more information at her website and twitter.

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For the past 10 years, Life coaching has opened the world of personal development by giving new tools & new processes to open the mind to better understand itself.

The latest path has led many to realize the amazing power that lies in inviting the mind to play in order to learn.

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CFOS Speed 4 – Get the Fastest Internet Speed


cFos Traffic Shaping reduces delays during data transfer and allows you to surf the Internet up to three times faster. So you can use the full bandwidth of your connection!

During TCP/IP transfer, a certain amount of data needs to be confirmed upon reception before more can be sent. Stalling data confirmation results in delays and transfer-rate slowdowns, thus forcing the sender to wait. Especially for DSL and cable, it is possible to slow a download to a crawl by choking the upstream channel (which has the smaller bandwidth anyway) with an upload. This is because in such a scenario there is not enough upstream bandwidth left for data confirmation.
The standard solution so far has been to try and compensate for this by increasing TCP window size, thereby allowing more data to be sent without immediate confirmation. The main problem here is that this also leads to high ping times (latency) and significant delays during Webpage rendering. Latency of up to 2 seconds is not uncommon for TCP windows with a size of 64k. In short, huge window sizes just won”t let you achieve full download speed.

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