4 Low Budget Marketing Ideas for Your eCommerce Business

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Whether you’re just starting off your eCommerce business or are looking for innovative ways to market, there are ideas for everyone, from Etsy sellers to those who sell on their own website can benefit. None of these strategies are cost prohibitive (and some are nearly free!); the most they will cost you is your time.

Ready, set… Market!

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How UX Improve the Shopping Experience of an eCommerce Store

How UX Improve the Shopping Experience of an eCommerce Store

Whether we speak of eCommerce stores or online shopping; there is no shortage of either one of them today. With more and more businesses coming up, people are flooded with websites to choose from while making a purchase. At such times, besides prices and discounts, the single most important factor in their minds is the comfort. And the shopping ease and comfort of a website is solely dependent on its UX design. Therefore, the need for building an excellent UX design can’t be underestimated.

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Why Sales Pitches Are a Thing of the Past

Why Sales Pitches Are a Thing of the Past 1

Remember the good old days when you would have an obnoxious door-to-door salesman obtrusively knocking on your door to sell you the best kitchenware you could ever purchase?

Of course you do. Just when you think you erased that man from your memory, there he goes again. But this time, as an example of what sales pitches looked like before the glory days of Internet.

Entrepreneurs of a modern age mainly use online marketing strategies to sell their kitchenware. Albeit this approach made it easier in terms of saving physical energy, online merchants struggle in other aspects of promotion. They may have a top-notch product with sales that can hardly cover the costs of maintaining the business.

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WordPress eCommerce Themes You Cannot Afford to Ignore

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The Internet has affected life in a huge manner. It influences every aspect of our life may it be education, entertainment, health or business. It provides a solid platform for business owners to expand their business. It provides a lot of easy and effective ways to promote or advertise their business and reach a large audience. The recent eCommerce industry is a live example in this context.

Online selling is getting more and popular with every passing day. Many business owners are opting for online stores. WordPress provides one of the best platforms to own an online store. It is an Open source content management system used by millions of people across the world. It is extremely easy to manage a WordPress site. It provides you with a number of customization options.

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