How Social Media Creates a New Generation of Brand Ambassadors

In advertising, word of mouth is king.

For years, companies relied on word of mouth to create a strong and loyal customer base for their brand. Before the Internet and social media, “word of mouth” was a more literal term, referring to the recommendations of friends and family to drive consumers through the front door. Now it’s a marketing phrase that’s gone digital. Consumer review sites and social networks drive advertising power than can’t be bought because it comes from the source—honest reviewers.

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Top 7 SEO Tips for Brands

SEO for Brands e1320767175422 Top 7 SEO Tips for Brands

Most of the business owners focus on SEO for their website, completely forgetting about their brand name. This means, they are not controlling all of the results on the first search page which can be really bad if there are some negative reviews and comments. It is important to do SEO for your brand because people often do a research before doing business with you.

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Your Brand Voice on Facebook – 6 Most Important Factors

Social media marketing e1320318187907 Your Brand Voice on Facebook 8211 6 Most Important Factors

Social media marketing is an essential tool for any business, and Facebook is by far the most popular and most effective network. If you have your own business, it is so important to understand how to use Facebook to promote your brand. When you create a page for your business, you are potentially reaching millions of consumers, and you make your brand more accessible to them. You can directly interact with your customers, and keep the conversation about your product or service going. How you brand yourself on Facebook is worth putting extra effort into. You will want to maintain consistency and humanize your brand. Here are some strategies to keep in mind for branding on Facebook.

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