How to Decide Between Mobile App and Responsive Website #infographic

mobile app vs responsive design featured1

The evolution of information is in the reach of your hand. Almost anything and everything can be done from the smartphone.

Most of the fast moving business already realized that present and future of business industry is “Mobile”.

But that realization can bring a business owner to a different set of problems. How to decide what to choose for their business.

Is it a native mobile app or a responsive website?

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Tell Your Car to Google it: Upload these Free Android Apps to Your Car

Tell your car to Google it

In an effort to accelerate social media, convenience for drivers and advertising, Ford Sync and General Motors (GM) are teaming up with companies like Clear Channel, iHeartRadio, Facebook and Apple to provide car apps that can be uploaded directly to your car’s dashboard console, says’s Tim Peterson. Beyond being able to listen to music streaming from Sirius and iHeartRadio, Pioneer Electronics has also presented AppRadio car stereo that allows drivers to stream car-compatible mobile apps from their smartphone to their in-car dashboard and audio system. This technological advancement in the auto and social networking industry will make using apps more easy and safe for drivers because it’s hands-free communication and you can access information without needing a console for your phone. Meanwhile, reports that Android has released a bunch of free apps that are made for drivers and their android car stereos. We listed some of our favorites from DigitalTrend’s top picks, and one of our own personal favorites, below.

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3 Apps to Control Your Computer with Your Android Device

Android apps 3 Apps to Control Your Computer with Your Android Device

Thanks to improved information and communication technology, you can now do virtually anything from your mobile device. Other than creating and sending application files such as word, excel and PowerPoint from your mobile device, you can now be able to monitor and control your CCTV camera.

But perhaps the biggest breakthrough is the ability to control your PC from your android device. This feature can be achieved by downloading and installing apps such as PhoneMyPC, LogMeIn Ignition and Gmote amongst others on your android device. Listed below are some of the apps that you can install in your android device to control your PC.

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5 Options You Want Your Android Monitoring Apps to Have

When designing android monitoring app, developers always keep in mind the balance between simplicity and functionality. That is why most of the spying software programs have preset options and configurations.

But don’t you just wish that android monitoring software could have other options and features that would make it far more convenient than it already is? We have thought about this as well, and actually, we have brainstormed 5 options that we just wished mobile phone monitoring software really had.

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Top 6 Most Innovative iPhone Photo Social Networks


If you take a look at the mobile computing and phone industries, you will realize how fast these smartphones are growing to be the most essential part of yourself. With the fabulous growth of smartphones, more and more people are getting oriented with mobile based social networks. Now smartphones are equipped with such powerful cameras from 3.2MP to 12MP which basically makes you ditch your digital camera. You can snap away anything almost any moment. Thus, living in the moment.

But that was not great enough, you wanted what your friends think about it. You wanted opinions from like minded mobile photographers. These needs made the need to create fully mobile integrated photo social networks. These allow to you to upload photos with various effects and build your own social network community and friends based on photos.

Here I am going to expose the top 6 most innovative photo social networks on iPhone platform. Well, let’s get down to that.

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