Work Experience

The Road So Far…..

Product Director of GEMFIVE—an e-commerce site based in Kualalumpur, Malaysia. Under my leadership, I led a team tasked with the implementation of GEMFIVE. and all it’s mobile apps direction in technology, enhancement, and innovation, which was a major success in the direction of the company’s growth and development. Executive focal points include mobile infrastructure analysis, ideas management, analysis of product concepts and usability, and corporate branding and social influence. I am also well versed in the designing, delivering, and aligning of global business strategy with established and emerging technologies to optimize business performance.

Colleagues describe me as a progressive, driven, down-to-earth, technical and managerial expert who can be relied on to offer superior solutions that deliver profitable results on time and under budget.


Chief of Product at SSD-Tech, RedGrapes, Kualalumpur, Malaysia (Sep 2016 – Current)


PRODUCT DIRECTOR at GEMFIVE, Hong Leong Group, Kualalumpur, Malaysia (Apr 2015 – July 2016)

Directing the product guideline of brand new e-commerce wing called (by GuoLine eMarketing)

SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT OF PRODUCT – MOL, Kualalumpur, Malaysia (Jan 2010 – Mar 2015)

I spearheaded the change in business direction and product goals to ensure growth. Implement the new product direction using agile development process and tools. Created and managed new visuals and user experience concept using mockups and wireframe designs. Coordinate Mobile App infrastructure analysis and ideas, concept management; responsive website strategies for the web properties.

CHIEF TECHNOLOGY ARCHITECT – Saatchi & Saatchi (Formally Arachnid), Kualalumpur (May 2009 – Jan 2010)

I have managed, directed, and trained a team of 13 developers with optimized timing for deliverable. Authored standards for technical documents that allowed for future development and implementation. Handled critical clients such as Honda, Toyota and Johnson & Johnson.

GENERAL MANAGER – Intergricity Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Petaling Jaya, Malaysia (Nov 2007 – Apr 2009)

I have managed and led web development team. Managed critical projects with foci including; managing teams, development tasks, time lines, project time lines, and quality assurance, all while maintaining the balance of company profitability. Collaborated directly with high profile clients; AKPK (Semi-Govt.), Mitsubishi, Auto Bavaria (BMW).

DEVELOPMENT MANAGER – STE-CCR Solution (M), Subang, Jaya, Malaysia (Mar 2003 – Oct 2007)

I have built teams, developed tasks, and met timelines. Planned and executed projects, drafted reports, and met timelines. Developed Mass Data Warehousing software; implementation in well-known FnBs and all international airports of Malaysia (MAS, ERAMAN). POS based Electronic Supply Chain and Management.

DEVELOPER AND SYSADMIN – DPMC (Pvt), Dhaka Bangladesh (Jan 2000 – Dec 2002)

I have developed and maintained corporate intranet site. Designed 2 tier engineering application software used for bridge design (CAD), which includes 9 modules with strong database backend. Implemented the network infrastructure.

ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE DEVELOPER – The Virtual Works Ltd (Switzerland), Dhaka Bangladesh (Nov 1998 – Jan 2000)

Developed and implemented solutions for corporate companies across the country, namely regarding warehouse management software. Programed in PowerBuilder 6, Oracle, Sybase Database Backend conjunction with Borland Delphi and BDE.

What people says

Rajendran DandapaniRajendran Dandapani, Director of Engineering at Zoho Corporation
He has excellent writing skills. And a great knack of getting to the point. It is not easy to cover 2.0 technology without resorting to hyperbole and without falling for the overblown expectations on every new startup.

Sonia ZSonia Zuzartee, Digital Strategist
When I worked with Rabin, I found him to be a great programmer who relishes the challenge of finding creative ways to solve problems. He also has a passion for Social Media and he truly understands how to harness its power to engage a community.

Eric CheongEric Cheong, VP, Data Centre Services at SafeHouse by i-Tech Network Solutions
If I have any questions regarding Web Development and it’s technicality, Rabin is the first one in mind to be approached. He is very knowledgeable in social media and web development and will always offer his advise in this area.

JS ChuiJS Chui, Managing Partner at CUBE.21
In short, Ruhani is the “Chuck Norris” of social media. He was the one that brought all these social media technology and culture to the company as well as consulting the client on it. He has a very convincing point on everything about social media and technology. If I could remember, he was or still is a Twitter celebrity and was chosen as the Top 50 twitter celebrities. Aside from official engagement, he is a fun guy that you would want to hangout with all the time.

Olivia GohOlivia Goh, Sales & Marketing Manager
Ruhani Rabin is detail focused and ensures his work is of utmost quality before it’s due for internal team testing. He is also proactive in highlighting and proposing solutions before the team hits a snag. He also delivers timely on any impromptu changes requested and has great troubleshooting skills. As he (Ruhani Rabin) is a good team player, working with him has always been enjoyable.

Alison TehAlison Teh, Digital Director
Ruhani is a fun, helpful and cooperative person to work with. He’s always up for discussions. Thus, it’s fun working with him, especially when it comes to working on solutions or developing new ideas. Two words – Friendly and Professional.

Jochebed LingJochebed Ling, Digital Marketing Consultant
My first impression of Ruhani is “social media giant”. Along the way, I also discovered him to be a solution driven individual with a huge appetite and quest for learning. It’s always enjoyable to speak with him as he shares his experiences and knowledge generously. Thorough, innovative and knowledgeable would be three words describing him perfectly.