PIKOM PC Fair 2008 April Malaysia

I went to the PC fair as usual, it started from April 11th until April 13th. Prices seems to be went down a little bit more. The hot cakes were the gadgets – USB disks, mp3/mp4 players, laptops, desktops, PC accessories, digital cameras, audio equipments, LCD monitors and so on. As usual all the Internet service providers also there and they came up with promotions and sort of stuff. Was surprised to see Acer is offering Laptops for RM1499, yeah I know it’s not the High End laptop but it do have 1GB DDR2 ram and 120GB sata drive. Intel was offering promotional prices for their processors but still the Core 2 Duo processor and Core 2 Quad processor prices didn’t went down that much. Sony offered 32″ Bravia LCD TV series for RM2099 and RM220+ for DVD players. My friend can’t resist and he swiped the credit card for good = bought it. USB flash disks are everywhere, I got a 8GB USB disk for RM90, just for the info DO NOT buy Kingston flash disks, their product way out of order these days, actually I was looking for Corsair flash disks but anyway I got mine is Transcend JetFlash v30, supports windows security using the disk plus a downloadable utility to sync your documents, email, bookmarks while you are on the move. For best quality USB disks get a Corsair for optimal performance, other than that you can choose APACER, SANDISK U3, TRANSCEND, PENDRIVE etc.




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LCD monitors were quite cheap too, BenQ was offering 19″ widescreen monitors for RM639, Samsung was offering 19″ for RM700+, Viewsonic was RM599 for the same type of monitor. Sony CyberShot 6.1MP digital cameras were RM420, yeah that’s quite cheap indeed. Anti-virus products like Kaspersky was quite affordable too. If you really want to protect your system I recommend you to use Kaspersky anti-virus for optimal peace of mind. I’ve been through many OMG situations and Kaspersky is the only Anti-virus that saved the day. Kaspersky was offered at RM69 which is really affordable, just a note – no matter what you do NEVER install Norton Anti-virus or it will slow down your system performance by 40%. Other than these the Branded portable notebook hard disks were a blast too,




Western Digital WD 500GB MyBook was going for RM419. Maxtor notebook portable drives 120GB for RM219. MacBook laptops were at RM3499 which are quite affordable too. A lot of printers has been sold as I look through the crowd and mostly was Epson, LexMark and Cannon. Microsoft had some cool promotions too on their desktop accessories




Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 3000 with wireless mouse was RM100 less and just for RM119 which is real worth to buy so I had one for me. It is really comfortable and silent, I like the mouse more because of the design is fit to suite with your hand, by the way the mouse scroll has 4 ways. Along with all these Desktops with 1GB ram, NVIDIA 8600 512DDR2 graphic card, 17″ LCD panel, 250GB hard drive, DVD RW and Intel Core 2 Duo sold for RM2099, if I’m not mistaken the Brand is WhiteBox. Dell also had some promotions on their Laptops and desktops. Sonic Gear sold most of the audio amplifier and speakers, second to it is Creative and Edifier.I had for myself the UMobile 3G modem for my Internet connectivity, It’s not activated yet so I can’t write about the performance about the product yet but I will come back with the details.




UMobile offers HSDPA high speed 3G mobile network (Currently Covering Klang Valley and Pinang Island) for RM78 per month and activation fee is RM50, it includes the small ZTE MF622 HSDPA USB modem and SIM Card. Share your experiences with me too. Like all providers, the catch is that you maintain your access fee of RM78 per month for a minimum period of 24 months and you get to keep the U Mobile USB HSDPA modem. Otherwise, you will have to pay RM799 to purchase the USB modem due to early termination.There were many things to see at the PIKOM PC fair but I didn’t had enough time to go through everything. Feel free to share your own details.

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