PHP 5 Object Oriented Structure

Those who are still figuring out PHP 5 object-oriented structures and implementation, this ebook/presentation might be a good start for them.

What’s it is about OOP anyway?
In a traditional sense, most PHP developers write when their first coming into the language is called “procedural”. In this kind of code, one thing happens after another and the most exciting thing that could happen is the inclusion of another file. Functions are scattered everywhere and not organized, a library of them sometimes used to help sort out things a bit faster. There are well-known limitations to this kind of programming. Procedural code tends to get messy pretty quickly when working with the large-scale site. Usage of included files helps, but it doesn’t really give you a proper solution to the problem.

Object-oriented programming came to rescue you from all these problems. What is the “object” part means? Objects are variable types in PHP that can do all sorts of things. They can be created, destroyed, passed around from place to place all while maintaining all of their properties and methods inside. Well, it might make sense to you. For a Kickstart, you might wanna visit PHP.Net/oop. But those already had a grasp of it enjoy the presentation below.

On a side note: If you like to install Internal Java, you can follow this guide.

PHP 5 OOP by on Scribd

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