Mobile and PC Gambling Online: Pros and Cons

Gambling is something that is popular in every country. In the 21st century, people switched from land-based casinos to online platforms that are available on any device. Some prefer to play at home with a laptop, and some make bets anywhere using a smartphone. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, which we will examine further.

It is worth beginning that the quality of the game depends on the online casino and its slots. You should not register on the site just because it is often advertised and offers great bonuses. There are a large number of details that highlight a good platform, starting from deposit methods and ending with a gambling license and game manufacturers. To save time from reading hundreds of reviews, visit and choose the right casino and slots.

PC Gambling

Many players claim that a full-screen online casino is much more convenient than the one for a small screen. The full version of the site is much easier for the eye to understand and more comfortable to navigate. Players can also see all the details of slots and table games, which are created by special designers and programmers. At the same time, players have access to more games than in the mobile version. Many, even those who prefer to play on a smartphone, use a laptop to make a deposit and a withdrawal, as this is much more convenient. In addition to instant gameplay, you can install a special application that has more games and is more convenient for PC users.

As a fact, professional poker players who play for a living use laptop exclusively. They install special additions to display statistics and other «helpers» for a better game. Such applications are only available for PC and increase the chances of winning.

Speaking of shortcomings, it is worth noting that even the lightest laptops are not as easily portable as smartphones and tablets. To go with it somewhere you must have a separate bag. Large size also does not allow betting in transport and car.


  • A large screen is better for our eyes;
  • More convenient navigation;
  • The opportunity to see all the details of the games;
  • Large buttons;
  • More games than in the mobile version;
  • Simpler deposits and withdrawals;
  • Convenient application for playing on a PC with a large number of games;
  • Additions for professional play are available.


  • Large PC size, difficult to carry.

Mobile Gambling

It has already been proven that ordinary people more often use a mobile browser than a PC for searching for information, entertainment, and so on. The main advantage is the small size of smartphones and tablets, which indicates easy portability. Using the mobile casino you can play in a cafe, in the office, on the bus or even during the running. Gambling platforms have a fully customized small-screen version of the site accessible via the browser on your device. Slots and table games have the same functionality as full-size versions. Your fingers will quickly get used to clicking on small buttons and game details especially on modern smartphones and tablets that have big screens.

On the site of casinos, you can download an additional mobile version with a large number of games. Some online gambling platforms also have applications in App Store and Google Play, which are very convenient due to the notification function and quick start of the game with a click on the icon. They can also offer additional deposit bonuses for installing.

One of the drawbacks is the difficulty in the site navigating as you must constantly zoom in to get to the exact button. This complicates some functions, such as deposit and withdrawal, the search for a suitable game with filters, etc. Users complain that some slots are not available in a mobile casino, unlike in the full version. This happens because manufacturers customize not all games for a small screen, but only the most popular ones.


  • The small size of devices, easy portability;
  • The game is available wherever there is Internet;
  • Mobile version fully adjusts to the screen size;
  • Games have the same functionality and buttons;
  • Mobile downloadable additions with more games;
  • Casino apps on the App Store and Google Play.


  • Difficulty in using because of the little buttons;
  • Fewer games than in the full casino version.


Each player chooses his own way of playing. Some also prefer to use one favorite device as it brings them good luck; you may soon also find your lucky smartphone or laptop. Many believe that the compromise in this matter is tablets that have a large screen but are easily portable. Thus, you can play anywhere, where there is a WiFi and not have problems pressing the buttons. Statistics show that many players switch to PC over time.

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