Key Factors to Consider in a CRM

The industry is now evolving to be customer centric, they are becoming more and more active participants in the entire process. Their inputs and feedback is taken and incorporated. Hence the involvement is not only at the time of gathering the initial requirements as it used to be earlier. CRM is a strategic implementation of this approach, being practiced company-with CRM. The idea behind conception of CRM tools was to:

  • Maximize the return on investment and achieve customer’s satisfaction
  • Strengthen the bond of trust with them- the ultimate goal of a business. Understanding their psyche and preferences becomes really important.
  • Reduce the number of competitive threats to the business to the maximum possible extent.

Ideally, CRM is a success, if apart from sales; it is also aligned in sync with customer support and marketing. The data needs to be collected within and outside the organization, if relevant. With this consolidated data, the analysts, using an appropriate model need filter out the usable facts and information. This helps not only in choosing the right path by taking the appropriate decision, but also concentrating the focus on formulating marketing strategies and providing support services in a competitive way.

Driving your Marketing Plans with CRM Techniques

Streamlining the business process or orienting the marketing strategies of the business in compliance with the CRM techniques, have been yielding quality results and high profit figures to the businesses in the past, and now, the number is growing incredibly. The fact that with better structured plans for marketing, you can choose the right channels for advertising having a personalized touch ensuring better customer satisfaction. This can not only increase or scale up the business, but also establish and living up to a high standard defined for the customer satisfaction. Taking up pertinent and reliable information and applying the suitable data mining techniques, it helps you to narrow down target the prospective customers and devise the marketing strategies accordingly. Analyzing and re visiting the information that was filtered out, it might take you to the leads that were missed because of any reason because humans are prone to committing mistakes and it is not possible that the always end up making the right and intelligent decisions relating to the customers. The techniques or the strategies vary with the medium of marketing. Say, for telemarketing, a particular strategy would fit into the picture which is going to be different in case of marketing through push email or marketing though sms. This also means assuring support to the customers during maintenance like providing them with the reusable equipment at the end of product life cycle.

Support with CRM

Client is an asset to the business. Understanding what they expect from the business and how they want it to be implemented to build and carry a symbiotic association, is inevitable. Works well in the favor of newly formed or well established brand names and builds a mutually valuable bond. Because of so much neck to neck competition in the market, these days, retaining the clients is as important as gaining the new ones. Loyal customers bring much more value addition to the business than the new clients. Much confidence and trust on service quality is judged by the client on the basis of how well the business has been able to maintain its services, and the kind of support they are offering, prior to, and after the deliverable has been given. Providing them with an experience of ease and dependability most importantly, gives them a prime reason to continue the business alliance further. The barriers like any policies, procedures or channels which are becoming an obstruction to providing them an ultimate experience should be eliminated. Support, also includes training it could be giving them an initial quick start with the hands on, technical training, providing them resolutions. Also, for the interface which is provided, smooth approachability is an important criterion also. They should be given the flexibility to express and communicate their problem face to face, call centers, online help centers etc. A very important aspect of this is taking regular feedback from the customer about the service, and incorporating them to get better. It helps in knowing their expectations and how their competitors are enticing the customers.

We are not making the best out of CRM approach, if we are not aligning it with marketing and support. It is a tool which has its suitability and unsuitability with respect to the conditions and scenarios. It can make the business processes effective and profitable, but it should be embraced only if the weight age of the benefits is significant enough to be assimilated.

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