Internet Explorer 8 – is it really following web standards?


Microsoft has announced at December 2007 that Internet Explorer 8 has passed a test for standards compliance. Well it’s really hard to believe and it brings more questions to the Web Developers face.

The Acid2 test
Microsoft’s still top-secret Internet Explorer 8 passed what is known as the Acid2 test. Acid2 is a test case designed by the Web Standards Project to discover, if possible, errors with rendering Web pages in browsers and Web authoring tools. Basically, it tests how a browser or tool works with features from various Web standards.

The following standards are involved in the Acid2 test page: HTML 4, CSS level 1, PNG, and data URLs. In addition, the Acid2 guided tour overview page defines these features that are included in the test:

  • Transparent PNGs
  • The HTML object element
  • Absolute, relative, and fixed positioning
  • CSS box model
  • CSS tables
  • CSS Margins
  • Generated content
  • CSS parsing of illegal CSS elements
  • Paint order for overlapping content
  • Line heights of CSS inline box model
  • Hovering effects

Well the Internet Explorer 8 is not released at public, not even beta or alpha. So there is no way to tell actually what’s happening with it. So it’s still a big Question Mark. if it’s real that Microsoft is embracing web standards which will be real life saver for the developers since they don’t have to do so many hacks to make the site look as it looks on other browsers. Yeah I know it seems Too Good to Be True. Microsoft is planning to let out a beta on the first quarter of 2008. They previously promised about web standards in Internet Explorer 7 but now everyone know that it’s not true. So lets see what they come up with this time.

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