How to Win 1 Year of Netflix, Unotelly and $100 Visa

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It’s December, time of the month you guys have been planning for your holidays.

What if I told you (sounds like the meme), You can stand to win the grand prize of 1 year Netflix subscription, along with 1 year Unotelly DNS service and a prepaid $100 Visa card.

It’s just simply an amazing opportunity for you to grab the chance to win.

First of all Unotelly, a DNS service which is flawless and diverse. It works on almost any device that is connected to the internet.

It also provides options to open up region specific Netflix US/EU content. And, that is just a part of it.


I’ve been using Unotelly for almost a year, it never let me down. In fact my all devices and router in my home is served via Unotelly DNS.

Would you like to know more?

So how does this work?

Unotelly is running the contest through a landing page at but it will not be active until the beginning of the contest. There will be several simple ways to enter, including answering a few questions about demographics and sharing the contest on social media pages.

If you want to win, all you have to do is to get into the contest at  holiday.unotelly.comThis contest will be up and running from December 12 2014 at 3PM EST. So don’t wait, get over there.

[button text=”ENTER THE CONTEST” url=””]

It’s that simple.


But, wait. That is not all. Unotelly also will be going to  give away 1 mystery prize a day to random entrants throughout the duration of the contest.

“Savvy? Yes!”, said Captain Jack.