How to make your wordpress and flickr uploads working again

Since the updates of Adobe Flash player 10 there are several cases of problems. For instance WordPress media upload and Flickr uploader stopped working. Not only that, the systems that uses SWFUpload objects are not functioning as well. This alone can cause a huge dissatisfaction among the general users, not to mention that there are a load of bug present on the flash player 10 itself. There are so much talk going around the web about the Flash player 10 issue, but Adobe decided not to look into it, they suggest the developers of the non working products to upgrade their codes. Now my point here is not to talk or rant about flash player 10 but to solve the problem by downgrading the flash player to version 9. I’m doing this on a vista machine. First of all you need to clean up and uninstall flash player 10 from your system. Here is how..

Steps to clean-up flash player 10 from your system:

  • Download the flash player un-installer utility. Close all browser windows before run this utility
    Download: [download#5] 300KB
  • Re-boot your system and open your browsers and go to some flash based sites. It should prompt you that you do not have flash player installed in your system, yes thats what we want

Getting flash player 9:

  • At the flash download page at adobe you wont be able to find the flash 9 downloads, so what is the work around it. Adobe has a flash players archive which contains older versions of flash players for the developers to test their applications. Here your can find all the archived versions of flash player (Note that the downloads are pretty big in size, 120MB++). [download#6]
  • Alternatively I’ve extracted the files you need to my windows skydrive account which are Flash player 9r151 for windows and the flash player uninstaller.
    [download#3] 1.5MB
    [download#4] 1.5MB
  • Once you’ve downloaded the files from above, execute them to install adobe flash player 9 onto your system
  • Open and test each of your browsers, go to a flash based site and check out the version running onto your browser

Thats pretty much of it. Note: All files has been tested by Kaspersky Anti-virus for the safety but you should scan before execute it.

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