How to Make Use of Friends List to Tighten Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy Using Lists

Facebook lately turning up the buzz due to many privacy issues. They even rolled out new features almost every week. Even though it is really tough to stay in line with Facebook’s updated changes on privacy,  It could be managed by making use of the “Friends List” feature. I’m not going to talk a lot, rather I would do a pictorial (Pictured Tutorial) instead.

Facebook’s “List” feature allows you to group your contacts into various categories. You can assign permissions specific to these lists. I just want to show you a simple step by step way of implementing a permission setting to a “List

Step 1

Click here to open and edit your Friends.

Facebook Privacy Using List Step 01


Step 2

  • Now create a new list to categorize a group of your friends. For example the only people you trust to show certain things.
  • Name the list according to your preference
  • Add your friends into that list

Facebook Privacy Using List Step 02


Step 3

Now you have a new list of friends. Lets go to the Privacy Settings to set specific preferences for this list.

Facebook Privacy Using List Step 03


Step 4

Privacy settings has been divided into multiple areas. The rule of applying friends lists are more or less the same for each of the segment. I will go through part of a segment which will essentially give you the Idea to Implement these into other places too.

Facebook Privacy Using List Step 04


Step 5

For our practice, we are going to implement a goal. The goal is to make certain things only visible to one or more of my “Friends List”.

  • Choose “Personal Information and Posts” segment at the screen shown in Step 4
  • Right side of “Bio and Quotations” you will be able to see a blue box with either “Everyone“, “Friends of Friends” or “Only Friends” label
  • Click on that Blue box to see the drop down menu
  • Choose the “Custom” option and a window will appear
  • move on to the next step

Facebook Privacy Using List Step 05 


Step 6

Now we are going to select the options for “Bio and Quotations“.

  • Under the “Make this visible to” select the Drop down and change it to “Specific People
  • Now you will be able to see an edit box underneath it
  • Type the name of the “Friend List” you’ve created on Step 2
  • Click on “Save Settings” button and you are done!
  • So my “Bio and Quotations” section only visible to the my friends under the list “People I Trust

Facebook Privacy Using List Step 06


You can use this list on the other segments of Privacy Settings page. Just repeat the steps from Step 3 to Step 6 on each of the parts of the segments.


Tip 1: 

Many people asked me the question – How to hide all my friends my profile page from everyone? I have the answer for that. You can use a “List” to accomplish that.

Here is how:

  • Create a new list. Example: “NoOne”
  • Do not add any friends to that list.
  • Go to “Friends, Tags and Connections” segment of your privacy settings page.
  • Click on the blue box at the right side of “Friends” part and select the option “Custom” from the drop down box.
  • On the “Custom Privacy” window, select “Specific People” u
    nder “Make this visible to” label
  • Type in the “Friends List” named “NoOne” you’ve created which has no friends in it.
  • Save Settings” and you are done! your list of total friends will not be visible to any of your friends.

Tip 2:

I’ve came through another question – How do I stop my friends tagging me in photos and videos? Unfortunately you can’t stop it but you can hide it on your wall. Here is how:

  • Go to “Friends, Tags and Connections” segment of your privacy settings page.
  • Click on the blue box at the right side of “Photos and Videos of Me” part and select the option “Custom” from the drop down box.
  • On the “Custom Privacy” window, select “Only Me” under “Make this visible to” label
  • Save Settings” and you are done! Now any photos or videos of you tagged will not be visible on your wall. In fact nobody will be able to see your photos or videos where you’ve been tagged in. Having said this the person who tagged you, still would be able to see you.

If you are really concern about your privacy settings you could set your privacy for “Friends, Tags and Connections” segment as the example picture below. Remember this is just an Example. I am NOT asking you to do exactly like this. These settings varies from people to people.

Facebook Privacy Using List Tips Example


Well, I did tried to keep this post not long but as it seems it turned out to be a bit longer than usual. Nevertheless, if you go through this post, you will get an overall idea of implementing privacy settings by groups of friends. Even if your relatives, family and college buddies are in Facebook all together, you can still play smart without being going insane.

I can give you some Idea about List names, which should point you to the right directions.

You might want to group your friends in this manner:

  • College friends List – You can assign photo albums permissions visible only to this list so you wont get burned by your mom, or even better not visible to your work mates.
  • Family members List – post family photos and videos visible only to this list, so your family life is secured from others
  • Colleagues List – post photos or videos related to your work only for this bunch of people

There I said it, now use your Imagination to tangle it on your end. Don’t forget to share your ideas on the comments!

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