How to Link to Your Website on Social Media Websites

Social media links e1320246202926 How to Link to Your Website on Social Media Websites

Social media has exploded over the last five years. With the downfall of MySpace and the uprising of Facebook, people have been wondering how they can use their social media profiles to link back to their websites. Social media is one of the best ways to get traffic to a website or product that you are promoting. Social media is scoured by millions of people every day and websites like Digg and Twitter have made it even easier to link back to your websites. But there are a lot of problems that can actually hurt your standing with the search engines and the people that would have clicked on your link. Here are some methods that will help you properly link back to your website without being flagged as spam or seen as unnatural by viewers.

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ClaimID is a great website for linking your social media profile to your website. The site allows you to create groups of links about your site. You can link to your main homepage or content on your site and add the link to all of your social media profiles. This tool is more for organization than anything else, but it will help you weed out bad links while attaching solid links to your profiles. The best thing about ClaimID is that it gets indexed very quickly by search engines.


Although this is not a new concept, YouTube is one of the best resources for gaining backlinks to your website. Do you have a YouTube account with content on it? If you don’t, you should create one. There are a lot of screen capture programs on the market if you don’t want your face in the video. Create little tutorials and then add your webpage link to the URL field on the profile page. YouTube is constantly crawled by the search engines so you can depend on it to send you traffic.


MyBlogLog is a cool website that allows users to create mini-social communities around blog posts. If you are using a blog, this can be a great tool to link all of your content together through your social media profiles. The communities will allow you to link to your Facebook, Twitter or directly to your blog. If you are running a website instead of a blog, you can use the MyBlogLog services.


Technorati is a resource that allows you to submit links from your blog or website and create a profile. This is a heavily crawled website so you can get your website links indexed as well as your social media profiles. One of the best features of Technorati is that they allow you to submit your RSS feeds. A potential downside is that you do not get to submit any anchor texts. Other than that, the website can easily allow you to link your social media profiles with a backlink to your website or blog.


CoRank is a website that allow users to submit Internet content to share with family and friends. The website will keep track of all the pages that you submit. They also allow you to submit social media profile links on your account so you have backlinks for your content and the profiles together when they get indexed. This site is crawled a lot so it’s definitely worth looking into for getting backlinks.
Social media is a great way to gain exposure with your target demographic. Getting backlinks indexed with your social media profiles is the best way to gain traction in the Internet market. All of these sites will help you achieve this with little hassle and minimal knowledge of SEO.

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