How to download any song in mp3 format from

blipfm indexes various mp3 files around the globe. It allows you to search and play songs and at the same time it allows you to post the file play short url to your Twitter profile.

a song posted via uses flash and ajax based online mp3 player to play the songs. Now wouldn’t it be nice to be able to download the Mp3 file you are playing? Maybe it’s a long lost song that you ain’t able to find anywhere else or in a CD. Yes there are many songs like that.

I’ve some tips here to show you a possible way to do it but of course you there are some requirements of software to achieve that.


Required Software

  1. Mozilla firefox or Flock browser
  2. Install the Download helper firefox extension which allows you to download almost any kind of media files and videos from various popular video and audio services.
  3. After installing the extension, restart your browser and you will be able to notice a new icon beside your address bar.


Steps to get any mp3 file from

  1. Go to site and search for a song you want to play. Click preview or Blip it so that it will start playing
    blip search  

  2. The New icon beside the address bar should start animating
    download helper icon
  3. Click on the Drop Down Icon and voila!
    download helper icon click dropdown
  4. Now click on the filename and download. Thats it.

Hope you guys find it useful. Please note that do not abuse the system and respect all the musicians.

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