Rules and guidelines for a properly formatted guest post submission. You should follow the guideline below to ensure a nice and professional looking guest post submission.

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Guest Posting Guidelines - Strict rules for the post

Sec-0: Terms and Conditions

  • If you do not follow the formatting rules explained in Sec-2 and Sec-3, your content will be rejected
  • Guest post topics & categories must align with the existing content of this website
  • All submitted content needs to be unique, make sure it is not posted anywhere else.
  • All articles are in English (United States) format.
  • The minimum word count needs to be 1000 words
  • You can only include 2 external hyperlinks in the article body
  • Broken links are detected and will be automatically removed from the article.

Sec-1: Features

  • All guest posts are published from the main editorial account as if they were published by this site owner
  • All posts have do-follow links
  • This site is fully compatible with Google AMP format for the maximum speed of loading articles
  • The post will be shared with my professional audience consists of 4000+ CxOs, Managers, Tech leaders, Marketing leaders on LinkedIn.
  • The post will also be shared with my Tech, Marketing, Social Media audience of 130,000+ on my twitter.
  • The post is fully SEO optimized with OpenGraph metadata
  • My site speed index is 93% out of 100 in GTMetrix. You will get more exposure on Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

Sec-2: Images

  • The article should contain a featured image (Without Text Overlay). The minimum size is 1920×1080 pixels.
  • Send the inner article images with the email as an attachment
  • If you have inner article images, they need to have a minimum of 1000px width
  • It’s a bad idea to copy images from another website. You can use royalty-free images from,,

Sec-3: Formatting

Sec-3A: To-do

  • Make sure the article is written in American English content (the English U.S. style)
  • Use simple formatting for paragraphs
  • Use smaller paragraphs, split a long paragraph into multiple small paragraphs
  • Article content should have links inside this website. This means you need to hyperlink other content of this website, from your article content
  • It’s a good practice to check the article content for the ease of readability. Use this free utility for Readability Testing Online.
  • Check your article content with Grammarly (Chrome Extension) to remove and fix common grammatical errors. This will eliminate unnecessary editing.
  • You may include an “Author Bio” section at the bottom of the article, should not contain images. Only one hyperlink allowed in the bio.

Sec-3A-1: Example of Document Outline

Here is one sample document you can refer to

Example of Document Outline
Example of Document Outline

Sec-3B: Do not do these

  • Bullet points should not be used for Subsection Headings. They can break the formatting of the article
  • Do not to use custom styles for any font size or color
  • Do not use Bold and Italics in the paragraphs or headings
  • Do not add additional line breaks between paragraphs. It is not needed.
  • It’s not allowed to use affiliate links without explicit permission from the site owner.

Sec-4: Preparing Your Content to Send

  • Prepare your content via Google Docs (preferred), or Microsoft Word (.docx format)
  • Create a new email for each post
  • Set the Email title as the Post title
  • Include the Google Doc link or attach the Microsoft Word .docx file.
  • Attach all the images inside the email that were used in the content
  • Send email to get (at)

Sec-4A: Example of Email Content

This is how you must compose your email before sending it to me

Sec-5: Guest Post Form

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