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Twitter is huge and everyday it’s becoming more popular in the crowd. Everyday from a geek to a carpenter uses twitter in many different ways to enhance knowledge, relationship and reaching a mass audience which eventually brings passive business. Today I am introducing another twitter tool called is a creative and research initiative by one of my great twitter contact @kovshenin. Today is the live date of this product. So lets take a look at his startup.

So basically what does do? In simple words it lets you know more detailed useful information about your followers. It’s a pretty short version of analytics of a twitter user to understand them and the tweets they mostly talk about, who mostly they connect to. is a third-party Twitter service that renders instant detailed information about a particular Twitter user’s latest 200 posts. It would generally take hours of scouting and pulling together information from hundreds of posts to scrape up some sort of insight into the user’s topic interests on Twitter. does this in a flash, providing 3 tag clouds which represent the user’s key topics on Twitter.

How does it work? gets access to the profile of a user via the Twitter API, scanning all the public info and his/her latest 200 tweets. It builds up three tag clouds: topics, #hashtags and @mentions, based on the user’s recent activity, excluding all stop words.

You enter your desired username you want to know about and press enter

follerme-03 will look up the user profile via twitter API in a blaze and bring out the
details, such as the users recent topics

Addition to that it will also scan and bring out recently used #hashtags, mentions
of other users (from RT and conversations)

For example let’s say you’ve received 25 new followers today and you cannot decide whether to follow back or not. You do NOT have the time to read 200 tweets on each of them, correct? Nevertheless, you can’t just follow everyone, since you’ll get unwanted tweets in your friends timeline. Here comes into the picture: Just take a peek at his profile and you’re done!

Best of all you don’t need to put your username and password OR you don’t have to signup. So why don’t you give it a shot and share your thoughts about it. Found a little bit more about the service. Don’t forget to check out the authors announcement too, that might be the place you want to give your response. It’s still early beta and there are much room for improvement, my thoughts would be Twitter OAuth integration.

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