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Facebook has already added some extraordinary updates for further improving its ever-changing privacy features. With these new additions, you now can take the advantage of fresh tools for securing your identity and privacy online. So, are you ready to explore these new features? Well, then log on to Facebook and navigate to Account > Privacy Settings where you will see three main privacy options namely, Public to share posts and photos with all, Friends to share the same details with friends only, and Custom to share with only a few selected friends. In other words, you need to choose Friends so that you can prevent unwanted people from viewing your posts and pictures. This is just one the new privacy settings. Let us check out the other options in this Facebook privacy guide.

Change the Way You Connect

How you connect Facebook Privacy Guide

To decide who can see you, view posts by others on your Wall, contact you, and post on your wall; click Edit Settings in How You Connect on the Privacy Settings page that you have just accessed. This is a good addition.


Change the Privacy Settings of Old Posts

Limit Old Posts Facebook Privacy Guide

By doing so, you are saying that only your trusted friends have access to everything of yours on Facebook. It is necessary to do so, as that will prevent newbies to see your older posts in case they are too special or personal. However, few things such as your name, your comments on pages, and friend lists will remain public. To change the privacy level for older post visibility, click Manage Past Post Visibility next to Limit the Audience for Past Posts followed by a click on Limit Old Posts and Confirm.


Enable Approval of Posts Tagged with Your Name

How Tags Work Facebook Privacy Guide

The fact is that anyone on Facebook can tag you in a post or a photo, which might not go with your privacy needs. So, if you turn on Profile Review, you can select the posts and photos tagged with your name for being displayed on your wall. To do so, click Edit Settings next to How Tags Work followed by a click on the first Off option in the How Tags Work pop-up and selecting Enabled from the combo box.

In the same pop-up, one more option that you might want to disable is Friends Can Check You Into Places. I agree that this will not prevent a person from knowing that you are in a restaurant, but it can surely avert Facebook from adding you to its facial database via which one can recognize you when you are visible in your Friends pictures.


Say No to Public Search

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Do you prefer not displaying your Facebook page when an unknown person searches for you? If yes, then in the Privacy Settings page, click Edit Settings next to Apps and Websites followed by a click on the Edit Settings button near Public search on the Apps, Games and Websites page. Finally, deselect the Enable public search check box.


Remove Spammy Apps

Websites and Apps Permissions Facebook Privacy Guide

Are you tired of getting unwanted messages on your Wall by different apps? Have you come across a spammy Facebook app? Well then, it’s time to remove them or limit the information shared with them. To do so, on the Apps, Games and Websites page, click the Edit Settings button near Apps you use to display the App Settings page. Click X for removing an app or Edit for changing its access settings. Next, go back to the Apps, Games and Websites page and click Edit Settings near How people bring your info to apps they use, uncheck all boxes, and click the Save Changes button. For more security, click Turn off all platform apps and disable Instant Personalization on the Apps, Games and Websites page.


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