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Facebook Comments Box
Yesterday at the facebook developers blog the social widget for facebook connect introduced. This social widget option will enable you to connect your audience via facebook in a much more simpler and easier way. Previously I wrote 2 different way to attach facebook connect to your Blog, yes it worked but still had issues with caching plugins like WP-Supercache and similar products. I’ve not tested this product yet and the Instructions are pretty much for general websites. So maybe you might want to test it out. The Comments Box is a great way for any website, blog or photo gallery to add social comments to their page in just a minute with a few lines of code. We want to help bring you social widgets that make it easier for users to communicate and share across your site and with their friends on Facebook.

With the Comments Box, Facebook users on your site can comment on your content, post those comments to their profiles, and share them with their friends on Facebook. The Comments Box allows non-Facebook users to make comments on your site as well. And via our APIs, you can access related comments made on Facebook as well to bring the conversation together.

The Comments Box comes with additional social features:

  • Fully customizable: Specify background color, text color, and other attributes by providing your own custom CSS to incorporate this best into your site.
  • Access to raw data: Query all comments via the comments.get API method or the comment FQL table.
  • Administration and moderation: Manage the privacy and permissions of your comment boxes on an individual or global basis.
  • Integrates seamlessly regardless of whether you do or don’t have Facebook Connect already on your site.

There are many more plugins and widgets available for Facebook Connect Plugins Directory that may also fit your needs, including plugins for Movable Type, and commenting systems by Disqus and JS-Kit.

As facebook developers said, the Comments Box setup for Facebook Connect is pretty easy. Read the details at the developers wiki at facebook . Basically you need to have your app keys and a xd_receiver file to build the communication between facebook and your site.

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