Clear All Requests Option for FaceBook


Facebook is a great social network but along with the good things some bad things also comes. Facebook is built on application framework and it’s possible to add new applications to extend your Facebook functionality. You can send a invite to join your friends to add a specific application that you’ve added and it will wait at the queue at your friends requests page. Sometimes it’s so annoying to see too many requests and all you can do to prevent that is to press ignore each one of them or go to the application and block it which is a painful process. Recently came up with their javascript based browser bookmarklet that will click on all the ignore buttons on the requests page. So now Facebook introduces “Clear All” option if you have more than 25 requests on your request page.

Too many requests?

We’ve added a “clear-all” option for when you have lots of requests waiting on your Requests page.

Well I think they shouldn’t put the option for not only for more than 25 requests but for any requests.

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