How to style the latest post in WordPress

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You will often find blogs that shows the latest post in a different color or applied different CSS tags. Basically you need to Inject some code inside wordpress post listing generation loop. The Loop is used by WordPress to display each of your posts. Using The Loop, WordPress processes each of the posts to be displayed on the current page and formats them according to how they match specified criteria within The Loop tags. Any HTML or PHP code placed in the Loop will be repeated on each post. So we need to find the latest post and define a specific attribute to that post such as a different CSS class.

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How to make your wordpress and flickr uploads working again

Since the updates of Adobe Flash player 10 there are several cases of problems. For instance WordPress media upload and Flickr uploader stopped working. Not only that, the systems that uses SWFUpload objects are not functioning as well. This alone can cause a huge dissatisfaction among the general users, not to mention that there are a load of bug present on the flash player 10 itself. There are so much talk going around the web about the Flash player 10 issue, but Adobe decided not to look into it, they suggest the developers of the non working products to upgrade their codes. Now my point here is not to talk or rant about flash player 10 but to solve the problem by downgrading the flash player to version 9. I’m doing this on a vista machine. First of all you need to clean up and uninstall flash player 10 from your system. Here is how..

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Easier way to add facebook connect to your blog using WP-FacebookConnect plugin


Previously I’ve written about how to add facebook connect to your wordpress blog but that plugin requires heavy modification on the comments.php file, which is in a way pretty tough for most people to do. So I’ve taken consideration to use the WP-FacebookConnect plugin which is featured in facebook developers wiki. It requires much more simpler method to add facebook authorization connectivity to your blog. I’ve seen Chris Wallace already had a helpful and simple explanation on this. So I will just compliment his article and add some extras to you don’t need to go to so many other websites to accomplish the integration with facebook.

Basically you need these steps to complete:

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14 Effective Practical Security Tips for WordPress

wordpress tips tricks

WordPress is the most user friendly expandable blog platform around. "With power comes more responsibilities", says Spiderman’s uncle. So what if your valuable WordPress blog get hacked? You will be literally devastated, violated and humiliated. Now you need to know how a attacker or cracker hack or exploit your site.

  • They know about your security weakness points about your site
  • They know about the important directories are open and accessible
  • They know about the version of WordPress has security issues
  • They know what outdated unsecured plug-in you are using and they can take advantage of it
  • They brute force attack your site login for random username and password
  • They know WordPress uses "Admin" as the administrator name, so they keep generating passwords and keep trying

So how do you overcome these situations? Well, you just need tighten up the security principal to avoid these problems. These are very practical options to protect yourself from getting hacked. In truth, every protection can be broken but the point is not to cure but to prevent.

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