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7 Cool Photo Sharing alternatives for Twitter

Now what if we need something alternative than TwitPic? There are some applications that worth a try. Here I’m talking about the possible TwitPic photo application alternatives that counts.

Alternative Free but Useful PHP Forums and Discussion Boards

Few of the Most popular PHP driven forums are PHPBB, Invision Board and VBulletin. But today I’m not here to talk about those popular packages; I’m here to list out the possible alternative quality PHP forums available around the globe.

Free but Useful PHP Form Processor Scripts

Forms are one of the most common features for almost any website. It provides a secure communication or feedback from the end user to the sites owner. Having said that, forms often allows security breaches to a website so it is advisable to use secured forms processing systems. I hope that this post will help you out searching for PHP based form processors.

Elegant Useful and Free PHP Graph/Chart Libraries

For various kind of reports/applications graph and charts can play a very important role. Here are some of the free and open source chart libraries that you can use into your own PHP web projects. Use these to enhance the user experience and build a rich client presentation.

Best Adobe AIR Twitter Desktop Clients

Best of the twitter desktop clients based on adobe air platform. Take a look and feel free to comment on them.

10 Useful free CSS tools and services

CSS allows a website owner to build their HTML in a nice, logical order. Mostly when using tables to layout a website, the HTML that powers the website is not laid out in a proper order (also known as the ‘code flow’). Now here are some tools and web services I’ve use in a day […] Read More

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