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How to Automatically Purge Emails Under Specific Labels in Gmail [Hacks]

Find out how to make use of a Gmail script which can automatically purge emails under a label after a period of time.

7 Things Web Designers Can Learn From Video Games

Similar to gamers, web users prefer content that is easy to understand, intuitive, engaging and does not imply a lot of scrolling or clicking. In addition to the user interface – which let’s face it is one of the instrumental elements that gives a game its personality – web designers can also take advantage of the other higher-end concepts in their creations.

How to Plan Before Starting a New Business

Do Your homework before starting a business and give your self a fighting chance of success

Top 5 Mistakes Even Seasoned SEOs Make

Avoid these absolute basic SEO mistakes.

Top 6 Trends in Mobile SEO

Mobile search is hotter than ever. This article explores the latest trends in mobile SEO.

6 Well-Kept Secrets About Writing Effective Web Copy

Your web-copy can turn your website into a sales machine by converting your visitors into potential customers. This article lists some major things to keep in mind when writing your web copy.

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