Best Social Media Enabled Smartphones of 2010

best social media smartphones

This is a showdown of most powerful social media enabled Smartphones which will dominate the social media scene of 2010-2011. These are the phones which will make you ultimate social media addict. Nope, iPhone is not included in this list, because it already has way too much exposure. Now it is time to give the contenders a chance to show their faces.

The elements that are mostly factor for choosing these phones are

  • Processor power range from 600 MHz and above
  • Android Platform ( with the exception of Blackberry and Symbian)
  • Social media engagement and multi tasking
  • Overall performance
  • Platform engagement such as twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Friendster, flickr

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5 most Affordable Quality Canon mount Lenses

cameras canon lenses1

The thing about Canon lenses, they are pretty much expensive. A good quality Canon lens gives optimum speed and quality of photos. But as a beginner or intermediate Photographer, you can’t afford to buy those expensive Canon Lenses. But fear not, there are alternative lenses that could aid you on your adventure in photography. This write-up is from my personal experience with the lenses mentioned. All these lenses are designed to work with APS-C (1.6x crop factor camera bodies).

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