Best Social Media Enabled Smartphones of 2010

best social media smartphones

This is a showdown of most powerful social media enabled Smartphones which will dominate the social media scene of 2010-2011. These are the phones which will make you ultimate social media addict. Nope, iPhone is not included in this list, because it already has way too much exposure. Now it is time to give the contenders a chance to show their faces.

The elements that are mostly factor for choosing these phones are

  • Processor power range from 600 MHz and above
  • Android Platform ( with the exception of Blackberry and Symbian)
  • Social media engagement and multi tasking
  • Overall performance
  • Platform engagement such as twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Friendster, flickr

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How to Make Use of Friends List to Tighten Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy Using Lists

Facebook lately turning up the buzz due to many privacy issues. They even rolled out new features almost every week. Even though it is really tough to stay in line with Facebook’s updated changes on privacy,  It could be managed by making use of the “Friends List” feature. I’m not going to talk a lot, rather I would do a pictorial (Pictured Tutorial) instead.

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8 Best music sharing services for twitter


Twitter is becoming more powerful and engaging ways to share information quickly, easily, and almost instantly over the internet. Twitter enthusiasts implemented a lot of innovative ways to develop a load of applications including sharing images, video, documents and even files. What about streaming music? Yes there are quite a few applications that allows you to share and even upload music to share on twitter. Here are the best web applications tested to effectively share music on twitter.

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7 Cool Photo Sharing alternatives for Twitter

alternative tweetphoto

TwitPic is currently the most popular and largest image sharing service for Twitter. Due to its popularity, there are also popular twitter clients that have built-in support for TwitPic. Now what if we need something alternative than TwitPic? There are some applications that worth a try?Here I’m talking about the possible TwitPic photo sharing application alternatives that counts.

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Twitter is huge and everyday it’s becoming more popular in the crowd. Everyday from a geek to a carpenter uses twitter in many different ways to enhance knowledge, relationship and reaching a mass audience which eventually brings passive business. Today I am introducing another twitter tool called

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