Top 6 Most Innovative iPhone Photo Social Networks


If you take a look at the mobile computing and phone industries, you will realize how fast these smartphones are growing to be the most essential part of yourself. With the fabulous growth of smartphones, more and more people are getting oriented with mobile based social networks. Now smartphones are equipped with such powerful cameras from 3.2MP to 12MP which basically makes you ditch your digital camera. You can snap away anything almost any moment. Thus, living in the moment.

But that was not great enough, you wanted what your friends think about it. You wanted opinions from like minded mobile photographers. These needs made the need to create fully mobile integrated photo social networks. These allow to you to upload photos with various effects and build your own social network community and friends based on photos.

Here I am going to expose the top 6 most innovative photo social networks on iPhone platform. Well, let’s get down to that.

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Internet Security: a Question of Privacy

In 2008, London-based BT Group became embroiled in a internet privacy backlash from customers that accused the global communications outfit from partnering with Phorm to surreptitiously mine internet usage data from unsuspecting users. The British government has so far refused to bring any formal action regarding the case, prompting that inaction to come under fire from the European commission.

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3 Cool New Twitter Tools

As Twitter continues its indomitable march towards social media supremacy, third party developers are keen to get in on the act and capitalise on the popularity and reach of this new communications medium. By using Twitter open-source API, talented developers can piggyback on the staggering success of Twitter and attempt to grow their business in tandem with one of the fastest growing online brands in the world.

The more Twitter becomes mainstream, so do tools people use to manage their accounts. Tweetdeck and Hootsuite are arguably the two most popular Twitter-management tools out there but there are more being made all the time. These all serve different purposes and benefit anyone from casual, personal users to individuals and groups that control large business accounts.

Here are three of the newest Twitter Tools doing the rounds:

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Are You Using The Full Power of Twitter? [Review]

Editor’s Note: This article is written by LeoW who is a Social Media enthusiast with an extra large sized addiction to Twitter.  He constantly on the lookout for the best Twitter Tips and Tools to share. He also blog about it at the Buffer blog every week.. You can find him and drop a line at his twitter.




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Twitter’s user base continues to sky-rocket. It’s most recent figures reveal that it now stands at 225 Million registered users, adding around 16 million every month.

To put it more descriptively, Twitter is adding 2 LinkedIn entries every year.

In order to make the most of this powerful network I want to tell you about a new Twitter App that will help you to tweet at a consistent rate, yet without overwhelming your followers with too much information. It is Buffer.

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