Social Media

Generally speaking, social media refers to websites and applications that focus on communication, community input, interaction, and content-sharing.

Ok My Business is on Twitter so Now What? Here are 18 tips to Success.

We all know Twitter, we may not all be on it (if you not I suggest you do so), but we have all heard of it. If you are a business or a brand or just a person that wants to make a name for themselves, there are certain steps that you should take in order to become a Twitter assassin. It’s not just as simple as creating an account and then seeing your profile go viral (unless you are Charlie Sheen of course), no there is work required.  I myself have a passion for twitter and I am constantly trying to broaden my horizons with the untapped marketing potential of the Twitterverse.

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5 Social Media Trends That Are On Their Way Out

Social media is changing all the time and if you aren’t careful, you could easily end up in the slow lane to nowhere instead of in the fast lane to being a social media maven. Here are five social media trends which seem to be on the outs as opposed to being new and fresh:

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How Google+ fits into the Social Media Space

Google plus has been receiving a lot of attention lately it is widely discussed in the social media circles. The Google plus, the latest offer from Google is all set to change the landscape of social media it is going create a revolution the way people interact with each other on the web.

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Facebook Advertising: Understanding Facebook For Business

When done well, the power of Facebook advertising is undeniable. You have the potential to reach not only existing customers but also new ones through word of mouth, the most time-tested and valuable advertising of them all. As advertising on Facebook becomes more sophisticated, however, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain where to invest your energies (and dollars). While Facebook does provide several handy dandy guides to help you navigate Facebook ad services, even those can be daunting as you weigh all of your options. Understanding some Facebook for Business basics, however, will help you make your decisions.

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