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Automatically Purge Emails Under Specific Labels in Gmail

How to Automatically Purge Emails Under Specific Labels in Gmail [Hacks]

I am sure, there are so many of us who gets annoyed by their messy inbox. As for myself; I prefer to read email that is actually sent to me by some real human being. But in this social network life, almost 70% of the email are about notifications, newsletters and updates.

Even though Gmail Tabs helps in some sort of way. The tabs still isn’t a complete solution. And social notifications and newsletters can flood your mailbox by taking up a lot of space.

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6 Essential Elements of Comprehensive Internet Security

Ensuring security while working and connecting online isn’t optional — it’s vital. There are simply too many threats, too many cyber-criminals and too much interaction to assume you are not vulnerable. Many home computer users assume they need less security at home than they do at work where hundreds of server platforms may be interacting with thousands of devices at any given time, but this is not accurate. The truth is that home and work systems need the same essential elements to ensure complete protection from all threat types. Learn about the six essential elements of comprehensive Internet security so you can evaluate your current threat protection and decide if it is safely serving your security needs.

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World's Most High Tech Cars

It’s 2013 and technology is all the rage, especially in the motoring industry. Car manufacturers are continually introducing new and exciting technology to really tempt us to part ways with our hard-earned money. Thankfully for them, it works; we love gadgets in cars. But what are the most high-tech cars in the world? Which cars take technology to another level?

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Getting Your Friends to Help Create Your Website

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If you are trying to make money from a blog or a website as a hobbyist or as an entrepreneur, then you will be at a rather large disadvantage compared to many of the other blogs out there. You see the problem is that you are just one person – and while you might be very talented and very dedicated, you will be going up against blogs and websites run by whole professional teams. If you want to make a gaming website for instance, then you will have to go up against IGN which has offices full of people uploading numerous posts daily, teams of web designers with professional degrees and the best software, and support from the games industry as well.

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Key Factors to Consider in a CRM

The industry is now evolving to be customer centric, they are becoming more and more active participants in the entire process. Their inputs and feedback is taken and incorporated. Hence the involvement is not only at the time of gathering the initial requirements as it used to be earlier. CRM is a strategic implementation of this approach, being practiced company-with CRM. The idea behind conception of CRM tools was to:

  • Maximize the return on investment and achieve customer’s satisfaction
  • Strengthen the bond of trust with them- the ultimate goal of a business. Understanding their psyche and preferences becomes really important.
  • Reduce the number of competitive threats to the business to the maximum possible extent.

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