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Top Tips to Secure Your Business from Online Fraud

Top 7 Tips to Secure Your Business from Online Fraud

Digital payments have undergone a drastic transformation, thanks to the evolution of the Internet and mobile revolution. With the convergence of technology, unified payment platforms along with e-commerce have enabled smooth transactions and provided convenience to the customers. On the other hand, there are risks associated with online transactions, as they are vulnerable to data theft from hackers and different kinds of cyber-attacks.

Entrepreneurs need to face numerous challenges while operating a digital storefront and need to be aware of the risks associated with online fraud. Thus, companies need to employ effective cyber strategies such as using SSL certificates to protect and secure their website and customers’ data. 

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Internet Marketing Makes Property Selling Faster Than Ever

The internet has not only transformed how we keep in touch, but it has also changed marketing strategies for various industries including the property market. Today, a majority of future homeowners are increasingly relying on the internet to find their dream homes. Figures from a 2018 study show that at least 90% of new homeowners did an online property search during their process of buying a home while 44% started their property journey online. Below are some of the ways online marketing facilitates property sales.

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4 Tools to Help You Searching for the Right Used Car

Why some people buy used cars successfully while some of them don’t get what they’ve expected? Why do even experienced drivers fail to detect that they are buying the wrong vehicle?

Making the right choice of a used vehicle is not about your experience or your trust in this seller. Making the right choice is all about whether one disposes complete information about this object or not. The more buyers know about the car – the higher is their level of trust in their choice and the better decision they will make.

And here one can find 4 tools which will allow him to know even more about this vehicle.

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Ultimate Guide to Improve iOS 8 and iPhone 6 Battery Life

Every new iOS release have something shiny and new to offer. Most of us often finds out that newer iOS releases may cause battery drain. It’s been a historical issue that iPhone battery batteries doesn’t last long as it was expected to be.

But, having said that; I have noticed some significant battery related features and improvement with iOS 8. Here is a collection of tips that will definitely improve your battery life on iPhone 6 and iOS 8 devices. This is the largest collection of battery tips so far.

I have tried my best to make this guide to have a fair balance between convenience and saving battery life.

Sure, I can turn off most of the services and make my smart phone NOT smart anymore. Where is the point in that, right?

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