New Robots.txt Syntax Checker: a validator for robots.txt files

Robots.txt Checker Robots.txt files (often erroneously called robot.txt, in singular) are created by webmasters to mark (disallow) files and directories of a web site that search engine spiders (and other types of robots) should not access. This robots.txt checker is a “validator” that analyzes the syntax of a robots.txt file to see if its format …

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What Are the Factors You Should Think about When Disposing of Business Vehicles

Factors You Should Think about When Disposing of Business Vehicles

If your business claims at least one business vehicle, a time will come, when you will have to discard it. You will have to decide whether to sell, exchange, or scrap your business vehicle. At the point when it is time to take this decision, there are a few issues that are going to be the most important factor.

First of all, you will have to make the right decision if you should hold on to it or find a car buyer. It can be possible your workshop mechanic has told you to send your business vehicle. Or your vehicle got affected in an accident. You will have to choose whether it will be helpful to dispose of your business vehicle or not. 

If you have made a decision and you think to dispose of your vehicle, then you have to take the next decision.  You will decide whether to sell, scrap, or trade your vehicle with any other business vehicle. Every choice has its own pros and cons, so you have a decision that meets your business needs. If you have made the decision to discard your vehicle, there are some factors you should always keep in mind.

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The 10 Craziest Coupons You’ve Ever Seen

The Craziest Coupon Codes Ever For At-Home Skin Care

Skincare is often the best time to use the craziest coupon codes. Redeeming these codes can give consumers great products at low prices. This makes it possible to get the necessary products for healthy skin.

Boutique skincare is often expensive, and the best code is 50% off. This offer makes it possible to get high-end beauty for half off. Shoppers who use these offers can quickly stock up on beauty products.

For the ultimate in savings, offers of 75% or more off are the best. These deals may apply to a particular item as a limited time purchase. Beauty lovers often use these steep discounts to stock up on products.

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Lazy Blogger's guide to Super Charge WordPress with 100+ Plugins

lazybloggers supercharging wordpress plugins

Ask yourself a question, “Are you a Lazy Blogger?”. Even if you are not, these plugins will bring you to next evolution for your WordPress blog which will change the way you do blogging.

“Why do you need these plugins?”. Because, WordPress is the best and the most expandable blogging platform in the world, the plugin architecture simply gives you the power to add engaging features, improve communication and build a strong relation between you and your blog readers. Savvy? No?

Blogging is about writing great content and if your spend all your sweet time modifying your blog by hard coding then “When will you find the time to write the great content?”. Makes you think? By the time you reach over this post, you might be so proud of yourself that you have actually 23 plugins installed on your WordPress and you begin to think like you are getting professional. Well my friend, I can tell you one thing –

“Quality matters over Quantity”

Today the mission of this post is to guide you to discover the most useful, smart and efficient plugins for WordPress. These plugins will let you concentrate more about writing your content rather than spending time over managing the blog.

Carefully hand picked and incredibly handy WordPress plugins to power up your blog are included in this list. Among some popular WordPress plugins you also will discover new, not so well known or underrated but extremely useful WordPress plugins.

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Joomla Day Malaysia 2008 highlights

joomla day 2008 malaysia

I’ve attended the Joomla Day Malaysia 2008! I was waiting for the event for a while. Joomla has been in the scene of web based content management system (CMS) for a while. But It actually evolved, improved and transformed along the Journey. It’s core concept was originally from MAMBO Content Management System. Joomla is considered as user friendly system to make your own interactive community website in less time and with less coding.

In the Joomla Day event there was a big number of crowd but there were a lot of people who are in real life is just a business man, teacher or just a plain housewife. So there was a need to give them the concept of what is a CMS actually. The event started at 9am at citytel hotel. After the Welcome note from Azrul, The basic introduction of the Joomla CMS was Presented by Toby Patterson who is one of the very well written component developers of Joomla Community. Toby described what is actually Joomla project and some other history and roadmap of Joomla project, also he mentioned the reasons to choose Joomla.

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