33 Digital Marketing STATS You Didn’t Know! (Infographic)

33 digital marketing stats you didnt know featured

Digital marketing – It is a combination of Content, SEO, Email, Social Media and Mobile.

Yoda London have put together stats ranging from, content marketing stats to international social media. If you are related to Digital Marketing, you will find this infographic really helpful.

These numbers and stats would make sense of the importance of the Digital Marketing elements.

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Making Your Business Better In The New Year

strategy puzzle

For individuals, the start of a new year is the perfect time to make resolutions and focus on self-improvement as it is a symbol of new starts and beginnings. Those who own small businesses should also use this time of year to make changes and improvements that will help them see growth in their company and its profits and will not only benefit them throughout the year but in years to come. For businesses looking to make changes in the New Year, here are four areas that you can improve to help make your business better in 2014.

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Starting Up: Small Business Social Strategies

Starting Up Small Business Social Strategies

It is never easy to get a small business up and running. From finding funding and new employees to getting the licenses needed to operate, small business owners have to think of everything in order to be successful. Social media is no exception. Today’s consumers are more active on social networks than ever before and this trend shows no sign of slowing. As your small business begins to develop its social media strategy, you want to know who your target audience is, where you can best reach them on social media. Then, you reach one of the most difficult obstacles: . What type of content should we be sharing and how should we share it. Focus on these three things and starting up your small business’s social media presence will hit the ground running.

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How Social Media Creates a New Generation of Brand Ambassadors

In , word of mouth is king.

For years, companies relied on word of mouth to create a strong and loyal customer base for their brand. Before the Internet and social media, “word of mouth” was a more literal term, referring to the recommendations of friends and family to drive consumers through the front door. Now it’s a phrase that’s gone digital. Consumer review sites and social networks drive advertising power than can’t be bought because it comes from the source—honest reviewers.

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