The focus of marketing has always been to create a connection between your audience and you at the right moment. Learn how to market your business digitally and traditionally.

Smart Ways to Drive Female and Male Blog Readership

Before we can talk about the ways to attract more readers of both sexes we need to know who exactly is reading our blog. How can we find out? There are two most common measurements of blog reading, each of which involves two different types of behavior. According to recent data, a quarter of all adults read blogs (of all adults who use the Internet, that is). On average, 11 percent read blogs on a daily basis. Almost half of adults have read online blogs at least once. It is commonly believed that women read more blogs than men. Surprisingly it is actually the opposite – in the US, 35 percent of men read blogs compared to 32 percent of women. With this in mind, how do you attract readers of both sexes?

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6 Well-Kept Secrets About Writing Effective Web Copy

Before we embark on the journey of unraveling the top-secret strategies of writing compelling web-copy that are often kept clandestine, it is important that we discuss a bit about why web-copy is treated with such importance; why is it such a vital part of your website or your online business.

Your web-copy can turn your website into a sales machine by converting your visitors into potential customers which explains the reason to why so much emphasis and heed is paid to web-content and web-copy. In fact, we’ll go as far as to say that, if “spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings; recollected in tranquility” is poetry, Web-Copy is a lyrical sales ballad disguised in crisp, subtle, psychological persuasion.

Startling? Surely, it is. Here’s for you 6 startling secrets of persuasive copywriting that no one wants you to know. It’s time we told you the immutable laws of web-copywriting that rule online sales.

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Mad Men’s Guide to Advertising as Marketing of Last Resort

I want to share with you a long-held fallacy that advertising is effective. It’s not.

How can I be so sure?

The myth of advertising as an effective means of gaining new business is based on the fact that some people, in some way, at least to some extent can visibly measure the positive effect advertising has on their product.


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