11 Online Tools to Write User Friendly and Google Optimized Web Content

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Getting your content into the hands of as many readers as possible is the goal of any business with an online presence. And, for the most part, Google is the key to achieving that. Google is the connection linking you and your content up with your readers, so optimizing your content for Google maximization is essential if you want to reach as many people as possible. 

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Gaining a Competitive Edge with Technology

Gaining a Competitive Edge with Technology

While technology constantly evolves in the business world, it’s customers and profit that will always remain bottom line indicators for a successful company. Here are some new ways technology has helped streamline traditional business practices as we know them today.

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Why Sales Pitches Are a Thing of the Past

Why Sales Pitches Are a Thing of the Past 1

Remember the good old days when you would have an obnoxious door-to-door salesman obtrusively knocking on your door to sell you the best kitchenware you could ever purchase?

Of course you do. Just when you think you erased that man from your memory, there he goes again. But this time, as an example of what sales pitches looked like before the glory days of .

Entrepreneurs of a modern age mainly use online strategies to sell their kitchenware. Albeit this approach made it easier in terms of saving physical energy, online merchants struggle in other aspects of promotion. They may have a top-notch product with sales that can hardly cover the costs of maintaining the business.

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The New Languages of the Internet


Whilst the internet has given us many new ways to communicate ranging from video chatting to social media networks, recently there has been a trend for our basic language to be overhauled through the new digital medias. From the widespread use of emoji characters, to the sudden take-up of acronyms, hashtags, and internet slang, it seems that the 21st century individual is increasing under pressure to learn and use these new communication devices.

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18 Effective Hacks for Mobile Friendly Email Marketing

18 effective hacks mobile friendly email marketing ft image 02

Do you know the longest lasting means of online communication is as simple as email? Email is such a medium that it could be accessed almost any connected computing devices.

Now at the rise of Mobile devices, email has turned into one of the most useful elements. Research shows, approx 47-60% emails are read on mobile devices.

This essentially makes it really important for various brands to focus on mobile friendly emails.

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