The 10 Craziest Coupons You’ve Ever Seen

The Craziest Coupon Codes Ever For At-Home Skin Care

Skincare is often the best time to use the craziest coupon codes. Redeeming these codes can give consumers great products at low prices. This makes it possible to get the necessary products for healthy skin.

Boutique skincare is often expensive, and the best code is 50% off. This offer makes it possible to get high-end beauty for half off. Shoppers who use these offers can quickly stock up on beauty products.

For the ultimate in savings, offers of 75% or more off are the best. These deals may apply to a particular item as a limited time purchase. Beauty lovers often use these steep discounts to stock up on products.

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Top 5 Mistakes Even Seasoned SEOs Make

Mistakes Even Seasoned SEOs Make Top 5 Mistakes Even Seasoned SEOs Make

Everyone makes mistakes, even seasoned professionals.  The SEO world is no different.  There are countless issues that can make even the best of SEO marketers seem marginal at best. Below are a few steps you should adhere to if you decide to become an SEO marketer or you are already one and you want to hone your skills.

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Top 6 Trends in Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO Trends Top 6 Trends in Mobile SEO

Mobile search is hotter than ever, which means that local searches will be taken along for the ride. There is a lot of excitement around it and suggestions are being put forward as to how websites can dominate local and mobile search. But when you look closely, SEO strategies for mobile devices aren’t really that different from conducting a strategy to dominate traditional search.

While it is true that mobile searches are more likely to display local results than other forms of content, this trend might be exaggerated. It should be noted that a significant portion of searches on desktop computers have local intent as well. As the functionalities of mobile devices get improved, users will start using mobile internet the same way they do a traditional PC.

A significant percentage of individuals already have Blackberries, iPhones, and devices that run on Android. The increasing screen size, battery life, readability, and multimedia capacity of these smart phones are not “unique”. Instead, the mobile industry is moving forwards feature parity with the desktop. Recent research studies conducted by Doubleclick also shows that search behaviors are becoming similar.

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