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Quality Content Defined – 5 Steps to Create Content that Google Loves

There really isn’t any reason to rehash the importance of quality content. The Panda story has been told over and over again. If you want to rank with Google you have to present content that has real value for the visitor and delivers on the promise of the title (keyword phrase).

But just how do you define quality content? We know what it isn’t. We know that fluff stuffed with keywords will get you nowhere. We know that 350 word spun article that was so popular with article marketers is no longer a viable way to rank. And we for sure know that poorly crafted content, content designed to be read by spiders not humans is a thing of the past.

But that brings us back to the question of “What is quality content?

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Facebook Privacy Guide

Facebook has already added some extraordinary updates for further improving its ever-changing privacy features. With these new additions, you now can take the advantage of fresh tools for securing your identity and privacy online. So, are you ready to explore these new features? Well, then log on to Facebook and navigate to Account > Privacy Settings where you will see three main privacy options namely, Public to share posts and photos with all, Friends to share the same details with friends only, and Custom to share with only a few selected friends. In other words, you need to choose Friends so that you can prevent unwanted people from viewing your posts and pictures. This is just one the new privacy settings. Let us check out the other options in this Facebook privacy guide.

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SEO For a New Site: Start Building Links Slowly

Having a website is important for many businesses and individuals. People can find you, read what you have to say or buy the products and services you are offering. Launching your website is only the first step. There’s more work to be done after your website debuts on the web.

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What’s Wrong With Your Email Marketing Campaign?

What e-newsletters do is they allow dentists to foster stronger relationships with their customers. At the same time, email newsletters help in strengthening branding efforts as well as help build awareness regarding your dental practice. Email newsletters also help to improve your practice’s customer service. And those are just a few of the benefits that dentists can derive out email newsletters. But just like with any marketing campaign, there are a number of mistakes that dentists can subconsciously make. In order for you to unfold your campaign’s true potential you need to eliminate all if not majority of these mistakes. Here are a few errors which you may unknowingly be making.

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6 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Working

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You keep hearing how important blogging is both for your SEO and your online marketing strategy but you can’t see why, you’re posting something every day but you’re not seeing any results from it, no one is converting, you’re not getting any productive comments and you’re just not sure where it’s all going wrong. Let me tell you…

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